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Archaic Words

An archaic word is a word which is no longer used in every day speech and has been replaced by another. An example is "shambles" in I Corinthians 10:25, which has been replaced in common speech with the word "market place", although the word "shambles" is a more accurate description of the ancient market place.

Should we publish a new translation which replaces the archaic words with modern words?

I Samuel chapter 9:1-11.

In 1 Samuel chapter 9: 1-8, Saul and one of his father's servants decide to go to see Samuel the seer, and enlist his help in finding his fathers missing asses.

In verse 11 we are going to run into an archaic word. But, before we do, God puts a parenthesis in the narrative (verse 9) to tell us about it;

9 (Beforetime in Israel, when a man went to inquire of God, thus he spake, Come, and let us go to the seer: for he that is now called a Prophet was beforetime called a Seer.)

So we see that, between the time that this event took place and the time it was divinely recorded the word "Seer" had become an archaic word and replaced with the word "Prophet". But in verse 11, the outdated word "seer" is kept.

11 And as they went up the hill to the city, they found young maidens going out to draw water, and said unto them, Is the seer here?"

So we see that God through the divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit used verse 9 to explain the upcoming archaic word but did not change the holy text.

When preaching, the Bible practice for handling archaic situations is to tell the congregation that "What before was", "is now called". But the archaic word should be left in the text. It is what God did. (See I Corinthians 10:25)

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To use when looking up the meaning of words, archaic or otherwise, in the KJV

Word: Definition: Reference:
ABASE To make or bring low; to humble. Luke 14:11; Job 40:11
ABATED Reduced in intensity or amount Gene 8:3
ABHOR, ABHORRED Despise; spurn; regard with horror. Job 19:19; Exod 5:21
ABIDE Wait. Acts 20:23
ABJECTS People thrown out; outcasts. Psal 35:15
ABODE To have stayed; remained; a dwelling. Gene 29:14
ACCEPTATION Acceptance; approval. 1 Timo 1:15; 4:9
ACQUIT To hold guiltless; Judged not guilty. Job 10:14; Nahu 1:3
ADAMANT Rock or very hard mineral. Ezek 3:9
ADJURE To command, under oath or threat. Josh 6:26
ADMONISH, ADMONISHED To instruct; advise; warn. Eccl 4:13; Acts 27:9
ADO Fuss; bother; tumult. Mark 5:39
ADVERTISE To advise; warn; inform; reveal. Numb 24:14
ADVISEMENT Counsel; consideration 1 Chro 12:19
AFFINITY A marriage alliance; become a son-in-law; an in-law 1 King 3:1
AFFORDING Providing; yielding (as of crops). Psal 144:13
AFFRIGHT To frighten. Deut 7:21
AFOOT On foot. Mark 6:33
AFORE Before. 2 King 20:4; Isai 18:5
AFRESH Again; anew. Hebr 6:6
AGONE Ago. 1 Samu 30:13
AGUE A fever. Levi 26:16
ALABASTER Stalagmitic carbonate of lime used for vases and boxes for purfume and ointments. Matt 26:7
ALAMOTH Treble instruments; woman singers; music played in treble (high notes). 1 Chro 15:20
ALBEIT "Although it be that," shortened. Ezek 13:7
ALL TO To do entirely; do wholly. Judg 9:53
ALLELUIA Praise ye the LORD! Reve 19:1
ALLOW To approve; commend; accept. Luke 11:48
ALMS Giving to the poor to help them. Matt 6:1 ff.
ALOOF At a distance, but within view. Psal 38:11
AMBASSAGE Ambassador(s); a message. Luke 14:32
AMBUSHMENT Attack by surprise; ambush. 2 Chro 13:13
AMEN True; "so be it;"; dependable; faithful; certain. Numb 5:22; Reve 3:14
AMERCE To punish by imposing a fine. Deut 22:19
AMIABLE Dear; lovely; beloved. Psal 84:1
AMISS Wrong; incorrect. 2 Chro 6:37
ANATHEMA To be damned by God. 1 Cori 16:22
ANGEL Messenger. Reve 1:20
ANGLE Fishhook. Isai 19:8
ANISE Plant of the parsley family. Matt 23:23
ANON Immediately, right away. Matt 13:20
APACE At a quick pace; quickly. 2 Samu 18:25; Jere 46:5
APOTHECARY One who makes perfumes. Exod 30:25
APPAREL Clothing. Judg 17:10
APPERTAIN To belong to; to pertain to. Leve 6:5
ARCHANGEL Head or chief angel. 1 Thes 4:16
ARIEL "Lion of God," name for Jerusalem. Isai 29:1-2, 7
ARIGHT In the right way. Psal 50:23
ARK The ship Noah built; box; chest. Gene 6:14; Exod 25:10;
  the basket boat of baby Moses. Exod 2:3
ARMHOLES Holes for your arms; sleeves. Jere 38:12
ARRAY, ARRAYED To put on; to clothe. Gene 41:42; Matt 6:29
ART You (one person) are. Gene 3:9
ARTIFICER Artisan; craftsman. Gene 4:22
ARTILLERY War equipment; weapons. 1 Samu 20:40
ASP A snake, serpent. Deut 32:33; Isai 11:8
ASSAYED Attempted; tested; analyzed. Deut 4:34
ASSENT, ASSENTED Accord; agreement, to agree upon. Acts 24:9
ASSWAGE Lessen; relieve; satisfy; sweeten. Gene 8:1
ASTONIED To be taken by surprise. Isai 52:14; Ezra 9:3-4
ATONEMENT A covering (for sin); A person or animal taking another's place, to cover sins. Exod 29:33; Levi 5:18
ATTENT Attentive; observant. 2 Chro 6:40
AUGMENT Increase; make bigger. Numb 32:14
AUSTERE Severe; strict; harsh; solemn. Luke 19:21-22
AVERSE Disliking; to turn away from. Mica 2:8
AVOUCHED Affirmed; admitted; vouched for. Deut 26:17-18
AWAY WITH OT: To tolerate; bear; endure. Isai 1:13;
  NT:"Take away!" Luke 23:18
AXLETREE Spindle/shaft on which a wheel rotates. 1 King 7:32-33

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BACKBITETH, BACKBITINGS Evil speakings; slanders. Psal 15:3; 2 Cori 12:20
BALM A medicine; gum/rosin from a bush. Gene 37:25; Jere 46:11
BANQUETINGS Drinking, gluttony; rich partying. 1 Pete 4:3
BAPTIZE To immerse; to dip or dye a thing. Matt 3:6; Acts 2:38
BARBAROUS Foreign. Acts 28:2
BARKED Scraped the bark off. Joel 1:7
BASE (TO BE) Lowly; meek; Low; humble. 2 Samu 6:22; 2 Cori 10:1
BATTLEMENT Retaining wall; Low wall around a roof. Deut 22:8
  Wall for defense. Jere 5:10
BECAME HIM Was exactly suited for; was fitting. Hebr 2:10;7:26
BEEVES Horned cattle fit to plough. Levi 22:19
BEGAT, BEGET To be father of; be ancestor of. Gene 4:18; 17:20
BEGGARLY Poor; like a beggar; in poverty. Gala 4:9
BEGOTTEN To have born; brought forth. 1 John 5:1
BEHEMOTH A huge, strong animal; A large, plant-eating dragon or dinosaur. Job 40:15 ff.
BELIED To lie against; to speak falsely. Jere 5:12
BESEECH To call upon; appeal; beg. Exod 3:18; Roma 12:1
BESOM Broom. Isai 14:23
BESOUGHT Entreated; called; asked the favor of; searched for. Gene 42:21; 2 Cori 12:8
BESTEAD See "hardly bestead." Isai 8:21
BESTOW Give; grant; put; place. Exod 32:29
  Store; to gather together in one place. Luke 12:17-18
BETHINK Come to one's senses, consider. 1 King 8:47
BETIMES Early; in good time; before it's too late; quickly. Gene 26:31; Prov 13:24
BETWIXT Between; in an intermediate position; passing from one to another. Gene 17:11; Song 1:13
BEWRAY, BEWRAYETH To make manifest, clear, evident; Reveal; give away a secret; betray. Prov 27:16; Matt 26:73
BILLOW A great wave or a swelling or heap of water. Psal 42:7
BISHOPRICK Guardianship; office of overseeing. Acts 1:20
BLAINS Blisters; sores; boils. Exod 9:9-10
BLAZE To make known; proclaim. Mark 1:45
BLESSED Favored by God; happy; prosperous. Psal 1:1
BOLLED Blossomed; in the seed or pod. Exod 9:31
BOLSTER Pillow; head (or other) support. 1 Samu 19:13
BONDMAN A slave; an unpaid worker. Gene 44:33
BOSSES Bump-like shapes on a shield. Job 15:26
BOTCH An ulcer, swelling, tumor. Deut 28:27,35
BOWELS Inward parts; affections. Gene 15:4; Colo 3:12
BRAWLER One who is inclined to fight. 1 Timo 3:3; Titu 3:2
BRAY A FOOL Beat, bruise, pound on a fool. Prov 27:22
BRAY, BRAYED To groan, wail; make a foul noise. Job 6:5; 30:7
BREECHES Trousers. Exod 28:42; Ezek 44:18
BRIGANDINE Armor for a soldier or robber. Jere 46:4; 51:3
BRIMSTONE Sulphur. Gene 19:24; Psal 11:6
BROIDED Braided; plaited; interweaved 1 Timo 2:9
BROIDERED Embroidered; adorned with needlework. Exod 28:4
BROOD Group of animal offspring, especially of birds. Luke 13:34
BRUIT Report; rumor; sound; noise. Jere 10:22
BRUTISH Stupid as a beast; slow to understand. Prov 12:1; Psal 49:10
BUCKLER Round shield held with a grip. Psal 18:30
BUFFET To strike with a clenched fist. Matt 26:67
BULRUSH Tall plant near water, such as papyrus. Exod 2:3
BULWARK A defensive structure. Deut 20:20; Psal 48:13
BUNCHES OF CAMELS Camels' humps. Isai 30:6
BY AND BY At once; immediately; soon. Matt 13:21; Mark 6:25
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CALDRON A pot; kettle; cauldron. 1 Samu 2:14; Jere 52:18
CANKER Something that eats away, corrodes; cancer; gangrene; an ulcer-like sore. 2 Timo 2:17
CARBUNCLE A red precious stone. Exod 28:17
CAREFUL Full of care; full of worry, anxiety. Jere 17:8
CARNAL Of the flesh; denoting human nature; fleshly; sensual. 1 Cori 3:3
CARRIAGE That which is carried; baggage. Judg 18:21
CASEMENT A window. Prov 7:6
CAST ANGLE To fish with a hook. Isai 19:78
CAST IN THE TEETH Revile or reproach, face to face. Matt 27:44
CAUL Membrane; fatty tissue around a bodily organ. Exod 29:13
CAULS Embroidered works, networks; Close-fitting caps/nets worn by women. Isai 3:18
CELESTIAL Relating to the sky or heavens. 1 Cori 15:40
CENTURION Roman commander of a hundred men. Matt 8:5; Acts 10:1
CHAMBERING Sexual indulgence; lewdness. Roma 13:13
CHAMBERLAIN Eunuch, or chief servant; one in charge of the king's quarters. 2 king 23:11; Esth 1:10-11
CHAMOIS A small sheep-like antelope. Deut 14:5
CHAMPAIGN A plain; field; flat, open land. Deut 11:30
CHAPITER Capital of a column; Upper part of a column or pillar. Exod 36:38; 2 Chro 3:15
CHAPMEN Tradesmen; merchants. 2 Chro 9:14
CHARGEABLE A burden; an undue weight. 2 Samu 13:25
CHARGED Burdened; weighed down. 1 Timo 5:16
CHARGER A large platter or dish. Num 7:13
CHARITY Godly love in action. 1 Cori 8:1; 13-14
CHASTE Untouched; undefiled; pure; clean; not corrupt.. 2 Cori 11:2
CHECK Rebuke; reproof; stop an action. Job 20:3
CHIDE Contend; strive; quarrel; scold; complain; find fault. Exod 17:2; Psal 103:9
CHOLER Anger, wrath. Dan 8:7; 11:11
CHRYSOPRASUS A precious stone. Reve 21:20
CHURL A rude, harsh/fraudulent person. Isai 32:5,7
CIRCUMSPECT, BE Take heed; pay strict attention; Be watchful every way. Exod 23:13
CLAMOUR An outcry or protest; yelling; loud complaining. Ephe 4:31
CLEAVE Split open; cut open; divide. Levi 1:17
CLEAVE UNTO Cling to; hold to; stick to. Gene 2:24
CLEFT Split hoof; an opening, break or split. Deut 14:6; Obad 1:3
CLOKE Raiment; clothing. Matt 5:40
CLOUTS Pieces of cloth used to patch. Jere 38:11 f.
CLOVEN Separated; split; divided up. Deut 14:7; Acts 2:3
COCKATRICE Venomous snake. Isai 11:8
COCKLE A weed resembling wheat. Job 31:40
COGITATIONS Thinking something over. Dani 7:28
COLLOP A piece of flesh or fold of fat. Job 15:27
COMELY Attractive; proper; becoming. 1 Samu 16:18
COMMUNICATE (When not referring to speech) share; give; associate with. Gala 6:6
COMPASS Go around, encircle; encompass. Gene 2:11
CONCISION A cutting off; a false circumcision. Those who believe circumcision makes one righteous or saves. Phil 3:2
CONCORD Agreement; unison. 2 Cori 6:15
CONCUPISCENCE Strong desire/lust; passion. Roma 7:8; Colo 3:5
CONFECTIONARIES Perfume/ointment makers; perfumers. 1 Samu 8:13
CONSECRATE Treat as set apart or separate unto God. Exod 28:3
CONSTRAIN Compel with irresistible force. 2 King 4:8
CONSECRATE To regard as set apart or separate. Exod 28:3
CONTEMN To despise with mockery; show contempt. Psal 10:13
CONTENTIOUS Loving to quarrel and angrily debate; fond of strife. Prov 21:19; Roma 2:7-8
CONVENIENT Fit; proper; appropriate. Prov 30:8; Roma 1:28
CONVERSATION Behavior; way of life; community. Psal 37:14
CONVINCE, CONVINCETH Convict; prove wrong. Job 32:12; John 8:46
COPING Top of a wall, sloped to drain off water. 1 King 7:9
CORN Any kind of edible grain. Gene 27:28
CORNET A wind instrument; horn; trumpet. 2 Samu 6:5; Hose 5:8
COTES Animal enclosures; stables. 2 Chro 32:28
COULTER Iron agricultural tool; Sharp iron blade on the front of a plow, that cuts into the soil. 1 Samu 13:20
COUNTENANCE Face; appearance. Gene 4:5;
  Show favor. Exod 23:3
COUNTERVAIL Be or make equal, offset, compensate. Esth 7:4
COVERT A shelter; a hiding place. 1 Samu 25:20; Isai 4:6
CRACKNELS Dry, brittle cakes or biscuits; cracker. 1 King 14:3
CRISPING PINS Pins heated up to curl hair; curling irons. Isai 3:22
CRUSE A pot. 1 King 14:3; 1 Samu 26:11
CUMBERED To be distracted/overwhelmed with cares. Luke 10:40
CUMMIN Plant bearing aromatic seeds. Isai 28:25
CURIOUS Skillfully made; detailed. Exod 28:8
CURIOUS ARTS Divination; sorcery; astrology. Acts 19:19
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DAM A mother. Exod 22:30
DAMNED Condemned; judged against. Mark 16:16.
DAUB To cover or plaster. Exod 2:3; Ezek. 13:10
DAYSMAN A judge; mediator; "umpire." Job 9:33
DAYSPRING An "up-rising", hence sunrising. Job 38:12; Luke 1:78
DEARTH A cutting off of rain; drought; famine; no harvest. Gene 41:54; Jere 14:1
DEFER To delay; postpone. Gene 34:19; Isai 48:9
DERISION Ridicule; laughing at enemies' threats. Job 30:1; Psal 2:4
DESCRY Search out; map out; to describe. Judg 1:23
DESPITE Contempt; angry hatred. Ezek. 25:6
DIADEM Turban; crown; Royal headband worn by Eastern kings. Job 29:14
DISCERN To examine, prove or test; scrutinize. Luke 12:56
DISCOMFITED Defeated in battle; scattered. Exod 17:13
DISCOVER Uncover; reveal; have first sight of. Exod 20:26
DISDAIN To reject; to despise. 1 Samu 17:42; Job 30:1
DISSEMBLED Used deceit; pretended; feigned. Jere 42:20; Josh 7:11
DISSEMBLETH To pretend; to use deceit. Prov 26:24
DISSIMULATION Hypocrisy; create false appearances. Roma 12:9
DIVERS Old spelling of "diverse;" unequal; different; various. Prov 20:10
DOCTOR Teacher; instructor; learned person. Luke 2:46
DOLEFUL Howling; shrieking. Mournful cry; sorrowful howl. Isai 13:21
DOTH To do; to produce; make. Matt 6:19-20
DRAGON Huge lizard; dinosaur. Deut 32:33;
The Devil; Satan. Rev 12:9
DRAUGHT HOUSE Public toilet. 2 King 10:27
DRAUGHT OF FISH A catching, hunting; Fish caught by sweeping a net. Luke 5:9
DREGS Sediment; Grounds at the bottom of a cup. Psal 75:8; Isai 51:17
DROPSY An illness where a part or all of the body swells with too much water. Luke 14:2
DROVE (N.) Flock; company. Gene 32:16
DUKE A head of a family or tribe. Gene 36:15ff.
DURST He/she dared; was bold enough; venture. Esth 7:5; Luke 20:40
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EARING Plowing; tilling the ground. Gene 45:6
EARNEST (N.) Down payment. 2 Cori 1:22
EFFECTUAL Effective service; active work. 1 Cori 16:9
EFFEMINATE Acting like a woman; unmanly. 1 Cori 6:9
ELIAS Elijah. Mark 9:5
EMERODS Tumors; hemorrhoids. 1 Samu 5:6
EMULATION Jealousy; Trying to equal or be better than others. Roma 11:14,
  (in either a good or bad way). Gala 5:20
ENJOIN To command; charge. Esth 9:31; Hebr 9:20
ENSAMPLE An example; pattern or model to imitate. 1 Cori 10:11; 1 Thes 1:7
ENSIGN Flag or banner, as of an army. Numb 2:2
ENSUE To pursue after; to follow after. 1 Pete 3:11
ENVIRON To surround; compass. Josh 7:9
EPHA About 6/10 bushel; Exod 16:36;
  a basket holding that amount. Zech 5:6-10
EPHOD Linen garment worn by the high priest. Exod 25:7; 28:6 ff.
EPISTLE A letter sent. Important or formal letter. 1 Thes 5:27
ERE Before; until. Exod 1:19; Job 18:2
ESCHEW To avoid; shun; turn aside from. 1 Pete 3:11
ESPIED Discovered; spied out; examined; to see; behold. Gene 42:27
EUROCLYDON A furious, north-easterly wind. Acts 27:14
EVEN, EVENING TIDE Evening time. Gene 19:1; Isai 17:14
EVERY SEVERAL Every single/individual; each one separately. 2 Chron 11:12; Reve. 21:21
EXACTORS Overseers; tribute or tax collectors. Isai 60:17
EXHORTATION Encouragement; counsel. 1 Cori 14:3
EXTOL To lift up; esteem; praise. Psal 30:1; 145:1
EYESALVE Medicine for the eyes. Reve 3:18
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FAIN To desire earnestly; long for; gladly. Job 27:22; Luke 15:16
FAIRS Something gotten at a fair; wares. Ezek 27:12 ff.
FAN Winnowing fan; a fork-shaped tool to throw grain in the air, to let the wind separate the wheat from the chaff. Isai 30:24
FARE To make merry; rejoice. Luke 16:19
FAST Abstaining from food. Matt 6:16-18
FATLING Fat cattle. 1 Samu 15:9; Isai 11:6
FATS Vats (always plural: "fats"). Joel 2:24; 3:13
FEIGN, FEIGNED To pretend to be; To disguise. Deceitful; false. 1 Samu 21:13; Psal 17:1
FELLOE The rim of a wheel, held by spokes. 1 King 7:33
FENS Marshes; swamps. Job 40:21
FETCHED A COMPASS Made a circuit; went on a circular course; wandered up and down. Josh 15:3; Acts 28:13
FILLETS Curtain rods placed between columns. An ornamental band around the top of a pillar; a thin band or strip. Exod 27:10
FIREBRAND Burning wood; firewood; torch. Judg 15:4; Isai 7:4
FIRKIN About 9 gallons (40 liters) of liquid. John 2:6
FIRMAMENT Expanse or vault over the earth; sky; the stretched-out heavens. Gene 1:6-8
FITCHES A species of grain used for seasoning. Isai 28:25,27
FLAGON Vessel. Bottle holding liquid; flask; an amount equal to what a flagon holds. 2 Samu 6:19; Hose 3:1
FLAY To strip. Strip the skin off an animal or person. Mica 3:3
FLOWERS (HER) Menstrual flow; a woman's period. Leve 15:24
FLUX An intestinal disease; Bloody flow from the body; dysentery. Acts 28:8
FOLD Times (multiply, e.g., "twofold" = x2). Gene 4:15
FORBEAR, FORBEARANCE Self-restraint. Refrain; restrain; refrain from acting. Exod 23:5; Roma 2:4
FORBORNE Ceased. Jere 51:30
FORESAW Beheld. Saw or knew beforehand. Acts 2:25
FORSWEAR To swear falsely, Commit perjury. Matt 5:33
FORWARDNESS, BE FORWARD Being eager; zealous; ready; being inclined to do something. 2 Cori 8:8
FORWARD, TO BE To wish; to desire; to purpose. 2 Cori 8:10-11
FOURSQUARE Squared; four cornered. Exod 27:1; Ezek 40:47
FRAY Frighten; make afraid. Deut 28:26
FRET To be grieved; troubled; displeased. 1 Samu 1:6; Psal 37:8
FRETTING Eating away; wearing away. Leve 13:51 ff.
FROWARD Perverse; twisted. Deut 32:20
FULLER Launderer; Washer and/or bleacher of clothes. Mark 9:3
FURBISH Rub, scour or polish until bright. Jere 46:4
FURLONG Approximately 1/8 mile (660 feet). Luke 24:13
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GADDEST ABOUT To have roamed; to have gone away. Go back and forth, to and fro. Jere 2:36
GAINSAY Contradict; oppose. Luke 21:15
GALL Something bitter or poisonous. Deut 32:32
GAPE To open wide the mouth. Psal 22:11-13
GARRISON A guard, watch or patrol. Fortification; military post. 1 Samu 10:5; 2 Cori 11:32
GIN A noose; snare. Job 18:9; Psal 140:5
GIRDLE, GIRT Belt, wrapped around. 2 King 1:8; Mark 1:6
GOAD A pointed stick to get animals moving. Judg 3:31; Eccl 12:11
GOSPEL Good news. The Word of God; "joyful message." Matt 4:23
GO TO Come; let us begin (exhortation). Gene 11:3
GRAVEN Carved or engraved idol or image. Exod 20:4; Job 19:24
GRISLED Spotted; speckled. Gene 31:10; Zech 6:3
GROVE Small group of trees; in pagan use, a place where Ashtaroth was worshiped Gene 21:33
  (compare Judg 2:13 with 3:7). Exod 34:13
GUILE Deceit; craftiness. Exod 21:14; John 1:47
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HABERGEON Coat of mail for the neck (and down). Exod 28:32
HAFT A handle. Judg 3:22
HALE To draw; drag; force. Luke 12:58
HALT Lame; crippled in the feet. Matt 18:8
HAPLY Perhaps; maybe. 1 Samu 14:30
HARD BY Beside; next to. 1 King 21:1
HARDLY BESTEAD Badly treated; greatly troubled. Isai 8:21
HARROW Plow; break up clods; cover seed. 2 Samu 12:31
HART A stag, male deer; hind. Deut 12:15; Psal 42:1
HAUGHTY Proud; arrogant; lifted up. 2 Samu 22:28; Psal 131:1
HAUNT Where one goes frequently. 1 Samu 23:22
HEADY Reckless; hasty; headstrong. 2 Timo 3:4
HEATH A small shrub or tree found in open wastelands. Jere 17:6; 48:6
HEED To be careful to consider, Pay attention; watch out. Gene 31:24; Matt 6:1
HELM Rudder and tiller to steer a ship. James 3:4
HENCEFORTH From this time forth; from now on. Gene 4:12; Isai 9:7
HER HAP WAS TO She happened to. Ruth 2:3
HEREWITH With this. Ezek 16:29
HEWN Cut. Exod 20:25; Matt. 7:19
HINDER END The back side; behind; the rear. Latter. 2 Samu 2:23; Zech 14:8
HIRELING A laborer employed on hire. Job 7:1; Isai 16:14
HITHER, HITHERTO To this place; till this point in time. Gene 15:16
HOAR, HOARY White colored. white or gray with age. Exod 16:14; Lev 19:32; Job 38:29
HOLDEN Held. 2 King 23:22; Isai 42:14
HOLPEN Helped. Psal 83:8; 86:17
HOSEN Tunics; under garments. Garments covering legs; trousers. Dani 3:21
HOUGH Hamstring; cut the tendons of the ham. Josh 11:6, 9
HOWBEIT Be it how it may: not withstanding, yet, however. [how, be, it.] Matt 17:21
HUSBANDMAN A farmer; one who tills the ground. Gene 9:20; Joel. 1:11
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IGNOMINY Contempt; shame; dishonor. Prov 18:3
IMMORTALITY Incorruption; an imperishable state. 1 Cori 15:54
IMMUTABLE Unchangeable (an attribute of God). Hebr 6:18
IMPENITENT Without remorse. Roma 2:5-6
IMPLACABLE Unyielding; obstinate. Cannot be calmed or appeased. Roma 1:31
IMPLEAD Sue someone at law. Acts 19:38
IMPORTUNITY Urgent, continual, persistent asking. Luke 11:8
IMPOTENT Weak; without strength or power. John 5:3
IMPUDENT Shameless; without modesty. Prov 7:13
IMPUTE Charge to one's account; To reckon or count. Leve 7:18; Roma 4:8
IN NO WISE By no means; assuredly not. Leve 7:24; Matt 5:18
INCONTINENT Unbridled; uncontrollable; Without self-control. 2 Timo 3:3
INDITING Dictating what to write. Psal 45:1
INFIDEL An unbeliever. 2 Cori 6:15; 1 Timo 5:8
INORDINATE Without restraint; immoderate. Ezek 23:11
INSTANT (ADJ.) Insistent; persistent; importunate. Luke 23:23
ISSUE What comes forth: children; Gene 48:6;
  discharge of liquid. Leve 12:7
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JACINTH A precious stone. Reve 21:20
JANGLING Noisy argument; quarreling. 1 Timo 1:6
JOINED HARD To border; to be adjacent to. Acts 18:7
JOT The smallest Hebrew letter, yodh. Matt 5:18
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KIN, KINDRED Family. Leve 18:6; Mark 6:4
KINE Cows; cattle. Gene 32:15; 41:2
KINSMEN Neighbors; relatives. Psal 38:9-11
KNOP Knob; bud (as of a flower). Exod 25:33
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LADE To burden; to load. Gene 45:17; Luke 11:46
LADETH Burdens; loads. Haba 2:6
LANGUISH Wither; to be made weak. Isai 24:3-4
LASCIVIOUSNESS Being lustful, loose or lewd; promoting lustful desires in others. Mark 7:22
LATCHET Sandal lace. Isai 5:27
LAVER Wash basin. Exod 30:18
LEASING Falsehood; deceit; lying. Psal 4:2; 5:6
LEES Sediment; settled in liquid; the dregs. Jere 48:11
  (See "wine on the lees") Isai 25:6
LET (WAS LET) To hinder or obstruct. Roma 1:13
LEVIATHAN Big dragon/dinosaur that lives near Job 41:1 ff.;
  or in the water/sea. Psal 74:14.
LEWDNESS Villany; wickedness; crime. Acts 18:14-15
LINTEL Top of a door frame. Exod 12:22-23
LISTED, LISTETH To please; to choose; be inclined to do. Matt 17:12; John 3:8
LIVELY OT: Strong; energetic. Exod 1:19
  NT: Living. Acts 7:38; 1 Pete 2:5
LOINS The lower back; waist. Thigh and groin area; often used for the reproductive organs. Gene 35:11; Matt 3:4
LOT (OF A PERSON) Portion; destiny; fate, what is received by casting lots. Psal 16:5; Deut 32:9
LOT (TO CAST) Pebbles thrown to make decisions. Leve 16:8
LOWETH To moo (cow noise). Job 6:5
LOWRING Threatening a storm; gloomy; clouded. Matt 16:3
LUCRE Gain in money or goods; profit. 1 Sam 8:3; 1 Timo 3:3
LUSTY Healthy and strong; able of body. Judge 3:29
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MAIMED Crippled, or deprived of some member. Matt 15:30
MALICE Ill-will; badness. 1 Pete 2:1-2
MAMMON Earthly goods; property; riches. Matt 6:24
MANIFEST To make openly known; appear. 1 Timo 3:16
MANSION Abiding place. John 14:1-3
MANTLE Cloak; covering garment. Judg 4:18
MARANATHA "Our Lord cometh." 1 Cori 16:22
MARISHES Marshes; ponds. Ezek 47:9,11
MASTERIES, STRIVE To compete; contend. 2 Timo 2:5
MATRIX A mother's womb. Exod 13:12
MATTOCK Hoe; spade; agricultural tool. 1 Sam 13:20; Isai 7:25
MAUL Mallet, heavy hammer or club. Prov 25:18
MAW Animal's stomach. Deut 18:3
MAZZAROTH Stars or planets. Job 38:32
MEAN Obscure; insignificant. Acts 21:39
MEAN MAN Common; low in rank. Prov 22:29
MEAT Grain or food in general (except where the verse refers to flesh). Gene 1:29
MEDIATOR One who intervenes between two parties. 1 Timo 2:5
MEET Suitable; agreeable; fit; proper. Gene 2:18; Mark 7:27
MESS Portion of food; gift. Gene 43:34
METE To measure; to deal out. Exod 16:18; Mark 4:24
METEYARD A rod to measure length; yardstick. Leve 19:35
MILCH Milk-giving; giving suck; milking. Gene 32:15
MINCING Taking short, quick steps; tripping. Isai 3:16
MINISH To be made few; diminished; lessen. Exod 5:19; Psal 107:39
MINISTRATION Service; ministry. Luke 1:23; 2 Cori 3:7-8
MIRTH Gladness; rejoicing. Gene 31:27; Psal 137:3
MITE A Jewish coin. Coin of very small value; 1/4 Denarius. Mark 12:42
MITRE Turban; ceremonial headdress. Exod 28:4
MOLLIFY To be softened; to be tender; be appeased. Isai 1:6
MORTIFY To put to death; remove the life of. Roma 8:13
MOTE Speck or splinter; small particle. Matt 7:3-5
MUFFLER An ornament worn by women. Scarf or veil to cover the face. Isai 3:9
MUNITION Stronghold; fort. Isai 29:7
MURRAIN Cattle disease; Pestilence; plague. Exod 9:3
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NAUGHT Nothing; vain; bad. 2 King 2:19; Prov 20:14
NAVE Hub; where spokes are inserted. 1 King 7:33
NECROMANCER One who inquires of the dead. Deut 18:10-11
NEESINGS Sneezing. Job 41:18
NEPHEW Descendant; grandson; grandchild. Judg 12:14
NETHER Lower. Exod 19:17
NIGH Near, in place or in time. Gen 47:29; Matt 24:32
NITRE Sodium nitrate, as in gunpowder. Prov 25:20
NO LITTLE KINDNESS Exceptional kindness. Acts 28:1-2
NOISOME Destructive; hurtful; noxious. Psal 91:3
NOT A WHIT Not the least bit. 2 Cori 11:5
NOUGHT Nothing. Gene 29:15
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OBEISANCE Bowing or kneeling in respect. Gene 37:7
OBSTINATE Stubborn. Isai 48:4-5
ODD NUMBER What is left over; over and above. Num 3:48
OFFEND Make angry; make one stumble; violate. Gene 20:9
OFFSCOURING Scum; filth. What is scoured off; rejected. Lame 3:45; 1 Cori 4:13
OMNIPOTENT All powerful; all mighty. Reve 19:6
ORACLE (When referring to a place) The inner santuary; "Holy of Holies". 1 King 6:5; Psal 28:1-2
ORDAIN To form; appoint; settle; place. Psal 8:3-4
OUCHES Settings for gems; sockets. Exod 28:11
OUTGOINGS Extreme limits; furthest borders. Josh 17:9
OUTWENT To go before in advance. Went faster Mark 6:33
OVERCHARGED Weighed down; burdened. Luke 21:34
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PANGS Extreme, sharp pains, as in childbirth. Isai 13:8
PAPS Breasts; bosoms. Ezek 23:21; Luke 11:27
PARAMOUR A male or female lover. Ezek 23:20
PARBAR Structure on the west side of Solomon's temple. 1 Chro 26:18
PATE Forehead; crown of the head. Psal 7:16
PATRIMONY Something inherited; an estate. Deut 18:8
PECULIAR Particular; special; one's own. Exod 19:5
PEELED Bald; bare; smooth. Isai 18:2,7
PENURY Poverty. Prov 14:23
PERADVENTURE Perhaps. Gene 18:24; 2 Timo 2:25
PERDITION Complete loss; eternal damnation. John 17:12
PHYLACTERIES Scripture box attached to left arm or forehead by a leather strap. Matt 23:5
PILLED Pealed; To have stripped off skin or bark. Gene 30:37-38
PITCH A thick, dark, sticky substance. Gene 6:14; Isai 34:8-9
PLAITING Braiding; gathering hair into knots. 1 Pete 3:3
PLATTED Braided; intertwined. Matt 27:29
POLL To cut hair from the head. Ezek 44:20
POLLED HIS HEAD Cut hair from his head. 2 Samu 14:26
POMMELS Bowl-shaped top of a pillar. 2 Chro 4:12-13
POST (PERSON) A runner; courier. 2 Chro 30:6; Jere 51:31
POTSHERD A piece of broken pottery. Psal 22:15; Job 2:8
PRATING Babbling; chattering. Prov 10:8-10
PRESBYTERY An assembly of elders. 1 Timo 4:14
PREVENT Come before, go before; anticipate. 2 Samu 22:6
PRICKS OT: Thorns Numb 33:55
  NT: Cattle prods or goads. Acts 9:5
PRINCIPALITY (PRINCIPALITIES) The highest dignitary of the State. Rulers or their territory. Jere 13:18; Titu. 3:1
PRIVILY In private; secretly. Judg 9:31
PRIVY, (BE) Privately knowing; knowing a secret. 1 King 2:44; Acts 5:1-2
PROFANE Treat as common; defile. Leve 18:21
PROFOUND, (ARE) (BE) To go deep into something. Hose 5:2
PROGNOSTICATOR Foretellers of the future. Isai 47:13
PROPER One's own; peculiar; particular. 1 Chro 29:3
PROPITIATION Sacrifice to pay for sins against God, to satisfy His righteous anger. Roma 3:25
PROSELYTE Convert. Matt 23:15; Acts 6:5-6
PROVENDER Food for livestock or cattle. Gene 24:25
PSALM Sacred song or melody about or to God. 1 Chro 16:7; Ephe 5:19
PSALTERY Stringed instrument, as a harp or guitar. 1 Samu 10:5
PUBLICAN A tax collector. Luke 5:27
PULSE Peas, beans; legumes. 2 Samu 17:28
PURLOINING Stealing; pilfering. Titu 2:10
PURTENANCE Inward parts; entrails. Exod 12:9
PUTRIFYING Pertaining to gangrene; decaying. Isai 1:6
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QUATERNION Guard of four soldiers. Acts 12:4
QUICK Alive; living. Leve 13:10
QUIT Acquitted; found not guilty. Exod 21:19
QUIT YOU LIKE MEN Behave/act as a man should. 1 Samu 4:9; 1 Cori 16:13
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RABBONI My great teacher, master. John 20:15-17
RAHEL Rachel. Jere 31:15
RAIMENT Clothing; garments. Gene 24:53
RAMPART A low outer wall; fortification; defensive structure. Lame 2:8
RANK (ADJ.) Full-grown; strong and robust. Fat. Gene 41:5-7
RAVENING Preying upon to devour. Psal 22:13
RAVIN (NOUN) Torn flesh; food gotten by violence Nahe 2:12
RAVIN (VERB) Violently catch food or devour it. Gene 49:27
RAVISHED To rape (negative use); Isai 13:16
  delighted (positive use) Prov 5:19
REBUKE To reprimand; strongly warn; restrain. Gen 31:42; Luke 19:39
REDOUND To exceed; to be over and above; Produce a result; to return 2 Cori 4:15
REINS Literally, kidneys. Job 16:13
  Figuratively, seat of emotion. Psal 7:9
REMISSION Forgiveness; pardon Matt 26:28
REND To divide; break or tear apart; forcefully rip apart. Exod 39:23; Isai 64:1-2
RENOWN A great name or well-known; Great reputation Gene 6:4
REPENT To change one's mind & purpose; regret. Matt 4:17
REPROACH Disgrace; shame. Gene 30:23; Prov. 14:34
REPROBATE Rejected; failing the test; lost in sin. Jere 6:30
REPROOF A scolding; rebuke. Prov 15:5; Job 26:11
REPROVE To rebuke, to censure. John 16:8
REQUITE Repay Gene 50:15
REREWARD Towards the rear; rear guard. Isai 52:12
REVERENCE To show respect or fear. Ephe 5:31-33
RIE Old spelling of "rye"; a grain. Isai 28:25
RINGSTRAKED Striped, streaked. Gene 30:35 ff.
ROAD Old spelling of "raid". 1 Samu 27:10
RUDDY Reddish (hair or complexion). 1 Samu 16:12
RUDE Unskilled, unrefined or unlearned. 2 Cori 11:6
RUE An evergreen plant used for medicine. Luke 11:42
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SABBATH A rest; cessation from work. Exod. 16:23; 20:9-10
SACKBUT Triangular, 4-stringed instrument, like a lyre. Dani 3:5, 7, 10, 15
SACRILEGE (COMMIT) To rob temples; Violate or steal sacred things. Roma. 2:22
SALUTATION A greeting. Mark 12:38-40
SANCTIFY To be sacred; Make holy; set apart for God's use Gene 2:3; Ezek. 37:28
SATAN Adversary. The Adversary of humans; the devil; the leader of the fallen angels. Matt 16:22-23
SATYR He-goat. Isai 13:21; Isai. 34:14
SAVOUR A smell; taste; odor. Gene 8:21; Matt 5:13
SAVOUREST You (singular) like; delight in; favor. Matt 16:23
SCALL A scaly skin eruption. Levi 13:30-37; Levi. 14:54
SCORE Multiply the number times 20 (e.g., "fourscore" =80). Gene 16:16
SCOURGE To whip; flog. Leve 19:20; Acts 22:25
SCRIPTURE That which is written; book; letter. Matt 28:56
SECT A group or division; a party. Acts 26:4-5
SEEMLY Fitting; proper; becoming. Prov 19:10; 26:1
SEETHE Boil; be very hot; To cook. Exod 16:23; Ezek. 24:5
SELVEDGE Fabric edge to prevent unraveling. Exod 26:4
SEPULCHRE A place of burial; grave; Tomb. Gene 23:6; Matt. 23:27
SERVITOR Attendant; he who performs as a servant. 2 King 4:42-43
SET AT NOUGHT Despise; disregard. Prov 1:25
SEVENFOLD Multiplied by seven. Isai 30:26
SHAMBLES Meat market; marketplace. 1 Cori 10:25
SHEAF Bundle of grain. Gene 37:6-7
SHEEPCOTE Sheep dwelling; stable. (See "cote") 1 Samu 24:3
SHERD See "potsherd." Isai 30:14
SHERIFF One knowledgeable in the law. Legal official Dani 3:2-3
SHEW Old spelling of "show." Gene 12:1
SIGNET A seal or stamp, indicating the owner. Gene 38:18; Hagg. 2:23
SINGLE Clear; pure; uncorrupted; sound; healthy. Matt 6:22; Luke 11:34
SITH Old spelling of "since." Ezek 35:6
SLACK Slow or negligent. Deut 7:10
SLEIGHT Trickery; entrapment by deceit. Ephe 4:14
SLOW BELLIES Idle gluttons. Titus 1:12
SMART To be sore distressed. Prov 11:15
SMOTE OFF To have taken off or away. Matt 26:51
SOD, SODDEN To cook; boil; Cooked Gene 25:29-30
SOOTHSAYER A foreteller of the future by astrology; One who fortells the future by ungodly means Dani 4:6-7; Josh 13:22
SOP A little bit; morsel; A morsel of bread to be dipped John 13:26 f
SOTTISH (MY PEOPLE ARE) Foolish: stupid with drink. Thickheaded; dull with drink; sluggish Jere 4:22
SPITE Anger toward someone; Vexation; anger; grief. Psal 10:14
SPOIL Booty; plunder; prey. Isai 8:4; Gene 49:27
STABLISHETH Establishes; makes steadfast. 2 Cori 1:21-22
STANCHED Stopped flowing Luke 8:44
STANDARD Flag; banner. Jere 50:2; Num 1:52
STAVES Rods; clubs. Luke 22:52; Exod 25:13
STAY HIM, MY STAY Support; uphold Prov 28:17
  What one relies on 2 Samu 22:19
STAYED Detained; held. Luke 4:42
STEWARD Manager. Luke 12:42
STOMACHER A fine robe; Ornamental covering, over the chest and/or stomach, for females. Isai 3:24
STRAIGHTWAY Right away; Immediately. Mark 1:18; 1 Samu 9:13
STRAIT (adj.) Narrow; close together 2 King 6:1; Matt 7:13
STRAIT (in a) Be in distress; be in a narrow place 1 Samu 13:6
STRAITENED Impeded or restricted; narrowed; Hindered. Prov 4:11-12; Job 18:7; Ezek 42:6
  Distressed. Luke 12:50
STRAKE Old spelling of "struck." Acts 27:17
STROWED, STRAWED Scattered; spread. Matt 21:8
SUCCOUR To help; aid. Hebr 2:18
SUFFERED NOT Did not allow Gene 20:6
SUMPTUOUSLY Splendidly. Luke 16:19-21
SUP To dine; to make a meal; eat Reve 3; Luke 17:8
SUPERFLUOUS Over and above; more than enough; More than necessary or wanted 2 Cori 9:1; Levi 21:18
SUPPLANT To deceive; defraud. Jere 9:3-5
SUPPLIANTS Worshippers. Zeph 3:10
SURFEITING Excess food or drink; Intoxication; overindulgence. Luke 21:34
SWADDLING CLOTHES Cloths for wrapping infants tightly Luke 2:7,12
SWINE Pigs. Matt. 7:6
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TABERNACLE A tent, booth or dwelling. Job 18:5-6
TABLETS Small, flat ornaments or jewelry. Exod 35:22
TACHES Hooks; fasteners. Exod 26:6
TALE A number; something counted. Exod 5:8
  Information given; a story. Psal 90:9
TALENT A weight of money; weight; money, or gift. Matt 25:16; Ex 25:39
TARGET Small shield; a buckler 1 Samu 17:6
TAUNT An object of scorn and derision. Ezek 5:14-15
TELL To number; count. Gene 15:5
TEMPERED Mixed; combined Exod 29:2
TEMPERANCE Self-control; moderation. Gala 5:23
TEMPEST Storm; whirlwind; violent wind Psal 11:6; Job 9:17
TERRESTRIAL Relating to the earth; earthly 1 Cori 15:40
TESTAMENT A covenant; an agreement; A will, ratified after death Hebr 9:16-18
THITHERWARD Toward it; In that direction; towards. Jere 50:5
THRICE Three times. Matt 26:34; Exod 34:23
TIRE Turban; head ornament. Ezek 24:17
TIRED Attired; put something around the head 2 King 9:30
TITHE The tenth part; 1/10. Levi 27:30
TOLD OUT Counted out; numbered; tallied 2 Chro. 2:2
TOW Weaver's fiber or the yarn made from it Judge 16:9
TRAFFICK Trade; do business Gene 42:34
TRANSGRESSION Wrong-doing; a violation of a law. Job 33:8-9
TRANSLATE Transfer; remove to another place 2 Samu 3:10
TRESPASS Wrong-doing; sin. Matt 6:14-15
TRODDEN Walked on; trampled Deut 1:36
TRODE Trampled; Stepped on; walked on Luke 12:1; Judg 9:27
TROW To think; to believe; to trust Luke 17:9
TRUMP Trumpet. 1 Thes 4:16
TWAIN Two. Mark 10:8; 1 Samu 18:21
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UNCTION An anointing. 1 John 2:20
UNLADE To discharge; unload. Acts 21:2-3
UNSEEMLY Inappropriate. Roma 1:27
UNTOWARD Perverse; bent; not easily taught or guided Acts 2:38-40
USURP To seize and take hold of. 1 Timo 2:12
USURY Interest paid for using money Exod 22:25
UTTER COURT Outer court Ezek 40:31
UTTER GATE Outer gate Ezek 47:2
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VAIN Empty; foolish; useless. Matt 6:7
VALOUR Courage; personal bravery Josh 1:14
VARIANCE Disagreement; discord; dissension. Matt 10:35
VAUNT ONESELF Boast; brag about oneself Judg 7:2
VEHEMENT Violent; forceful; furious Song of Sol 8:6
VEHEMENTLY Violently; intensely. Luke 6:48
VERILY Truly. Gene 42:21
VERITY Truth. 1 Timo 2:7; Psal 111:7
VESTMENTS Garments; clothing; Official or ecclesiastical robes. 2 King 10:22
VESTURE Garment; cloak; clothing. Reve 19:12-13; Deut 22:12
VIAL Bowl; goblet; Small bottle; something holding liquid Reve 16:1-2; 1 Samu 10:1
VICTUALS Food for humans Gene 14:11
VIGILANT Watchful. 1 Timo 3:2
VILLANY Folly; Extreme wickedness Jere 29:23; Isai 32:6
VISAGE Appearance; face; look of a person Isai 52:14
VOCATION A calling; invitation; summons; What God calls, gifts a person to do. Ephe 4:1-3
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WANT Lack; be deficient. Deut 28:48
WANTON Excessive; rebellious; Without restraint; reckless 1 Timo 5:11-12; Isai 3:16
WARD Prison; custody; In custody, with a guard Gene 41:10; Gene 40:3
WAST You (one person) were Gene 3:11
WAX To grow; become; advance. Luke 12:33; Exod 22:24
WEN A running sore; A wart; a tumor; a swelling Levi 22:22
WERT Were; (If) you (one person) were Reve 3:15; Job 8:6
WHELP A cub; a young one. Gene 49:9
WHEREFORE Why?; for what reason?; for what cause? Roma 9:31-32
WHEREWITH The things with which... Psal 119:41-42
WHET To sharpen. Psal 7:12
WHETHER IS? Which of the two? Judg 9:2
WHITHER Where; which place. John 8:13-14
WHOREMONGER Sexually immoral person. Ephe. 5:5
WIMPLES A woman's garment; shawl; Curled hair; veils crimped. Isai. 3:22
WINEFAT A collection trough beneath a winepress; Wine vat. Mark 12:1; Isai 63:2
WINE ON THE LEES Fully fermented wine Isai 25:6
WIST, WOT Knew; thought; supposed Exod 16:15
WIT To know; to become aware of. Gene 24:19-21
WITHAL With. Job 2:7-8
WITHS Cords; ropes; Twigs twisted to make a band, rope Judg 16:7-9
WONT To be accustomed to; Used to; in the habit of Luke 22:39-41; Exod 21:29
WOT To know. Roma 11:2-3
WROTH To be provoked; angered. Matt 2:16
WROUGHT To work; fashioned; manufactured; beaten into shape. Matt 26:10
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YEA Yes; certainly. Matt 5:37

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