Dr. Thomas Holland's Manuscript Evidence Class

Lesson 1 - The Biblical Foundation for the Preservation of God's Word

Lesson 2 - Presenting Some Basics

Lesson 3 - Listing Some Differences.

Lesson 4 - Early Heresies and the Alexandrian and Western Line

Lesson 5 - The Traditional Text Line

Lesson 6 - German, Spanish, and Early English Versions

Lesson 7 - The Authorized Version

Lesson 8 - The Hebrew Masoretic Text and Greek Septuagint

Lesson 9 - The Dead Sea Scrolls

Lesson 10 - Textual Considerations

Lesson 11 - Translational Considerations

Lesson 12 - Deliberating the Arguments

Advanced Manuscript Class

I John- A Brief Commentary

A verse by verse study on 1 John.
Dr. Holland points out heresies in John's time and today.

Questions Answered

Dr. Holland answers commonly asked questions about the King James Bible and modern versions.

Are There Errors In The Authorized Version?

Dr. Holland gives solid Biblical, historical, and textual evidence supporting many of the verses some call into question.

The King James Only Controversy: Can You Trust The Modern Translations?

A Critique of James R. Whites book
by Dr. Thomas D. Holland, Th. D.

The Spanish Fountain: A History and Review of the Reina-Valera Version

An Essay on the Spanish Bible by Dr. Thomas D. Holland, Th. D.

Photos Of Text

This is a link to Dr. Hollands LOGOS 1611 Website, where you can see photos of the texts discussed in his classes.

If you would like to participate in Dr. Holland's classes, click on Dr. Holland's e-mail address, which is:


Send a note to Dr. Holland telling him that you would like to participate in the class. Although the lessons are here, you will find some good questions asked and extra things that Dr. Holland puts out during the class period.

Crowned With Glory: The Bible from Ancient Text to Authorized Version
by Dr. Thomas Holland

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A must-read for the scholar, pastor, or layperson on the Biblical translation debate.
Crowned With Glory is an insightful look at the history of the traditional text and its impact on the crown jewel of English translations, the authorized version. Approaching the issue from a scriptural and scholarly perspective, Dr. Holland explores the science of textual criticism in light of Biblical preservation.

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