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Written and Compiled by
BURKE McCARTY, Ex-Romanist

Originally Published by
Arya Varta Publishing Company
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Published in 1924
Reprint February 1964
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The Conspiracy of Silence on the Death of Abraham Lincoln

By the original Author, Burke McCarty

In all the bloody history of the Papacy, perhaps in no one man, as in Abraham Lincoln, was there concentrated such a multitude of reasons for his annihilation by that system.

In all the history of the political assassination plots by the enemies of Freedom, which for cold calculation, malicious methods, relentless pursuit, subtle cunning, and cowardly execution, nothing can exceed the cruel murder of this greatest of all Americans - for President Lincoln was the living, breathing type in which was fulfilled the triumph of the New Concept of Popular Government, the central postulate of which is, the consent of the governed. It was the life of Abraham Lincoln which placed this form of government forever outside an “experiment” where its enemies persisted in endeavoring to keep it.

That a barefoot, nameless boy on poverty’s path could, by his own efforts, reach the highest office in the gift of the American people, gave the lie to the “Divine Right” croakers, and merited their most unceasing hatred.

Barring the martyrdoms of Jesus Christ and Joan D’Arc, the methods used in Abraham Lincoln’s assassination will stand preeminent in point of malice and cruelty, and, strange as it may seem, the same diabolical cunning which nerved the hand of the assassin has pursued Lincoln beyond the grave, and has been largely physical destruction, a crime, in the eyes of the writer, of silence on his death, the youth of America are being deprived of the knowledge of the details of the greatest tragedy in their country’s history. 1

This appalling fact has been the one big urge which inspired the writing of this book, the contents of which represent only a part of the result of leisure hours spent in public and private libraries in the various cities, covering a period of the past seven years - gathering a fact here and one there, from books, magazines, newspapers and court records, filing them away, and finally condensing the salient points between the covers which you now hold in your hand.

I feel safe in stating that nowhere else can be found in one book the connected presentation of the story leading up to the death of Abraham Lincoln, which was instigated by the “Black” pope, the General of the Jesuit Order, camouflaged by the “White” pope, Pius IXth, aided, abetted and financed by other “Divine Righters” of Europe, and finally consummated by the Roman Hierarchy and their paid agents in this country [America] and French Canada on “Good Friday” night, April 14th, 1865, at Ford’s Theater, Washington, D. C.

I am convinced that if this knowledge can be given adequate distribution and placed in possession of the boys and girls of the public elementary schools, for whom it is especially designed to reach, that the wicked boast of the Jesuits and their lay agents, the Knights of Columbus, to “MAKE AMERICA CATHOLIC” can never be accomplished.


In closing, I only ask each reader whose heart beats in unison with those of us who love our country and all that it represents, to assist in the sale of this little book, by giving it all the publicity possible, thereby joining in President Lincoln’s expression of loyalty, “If ever my country is destroyed, it shall be my proudest plume, not that I was the last to desert her, but that I NEVER DESERTED HER!”

Yours truly: Burke McCarty

By Ronald Powell, Th.D, D.R.E.

I have retyped this book, and set the print for it to be republished.  I started this work in January of 1999. I have tried my best to use every word of the original work by Mr. McCarty only correcting the spellings of a few words to conform to the current spellings used today, 75 years later.

I pray this book will be revealing to you concerning the evils of the Roman Catholic system and a warning that this ruthless and barbaric system has never given up its hope of world conquest.

During World War II when the Croatian Catholics took over Yugoslavia they killed more than 750,000 Orthodox, forced almost as many out of their homeland, and converted over 500,000 of them to Roman Catholicism at the point of a bayonet! The soldiers would march into towns and villages led by Roman Catholic priests who instituted this modern-day inquisition with torturous brutality and murder!

If this evil Roman system ever took over America, then the rest of the world can kiss themselves good-bye!

For the sake of the world, pray this never happens or this world will have another “Dark Ages”.

by Dr. Ronald Powell

1 Back in 1991 or 1992 I was talking with a missionary that lived close to me in Taiwan. I told him about the Catholic Church murdering Lincoln and at least four other American presidents. He laughed and simply would not believe it. I offered him my Pamphlet, Philosophy, Evolution, Religion [Roman Catholicism] Vs True Christianity, but he just refused to even consider reading it, even with my assurances that I had it all footnoted and documented. When I told him of the Vatican backing Hitler in World War II he just laughed and walked off. This is the sad state of American Christianity since about 1975. American youth can tell you all about black basketball players, but can not even find Canada on a map!

about the

Written and Compiled by
BURKE McCARTY, Ex-Romanist

Chapter I
Destruction of This Republic Plotted By European Monarchists

The death of President Lincoln was the culmination of but one step in the attempt to carry out the Secret Treaty of Verona, of October, 1822, a pact entered into by the “highest contracting parties” of the former Congress of Vienna, Austria, which had held its session secret, covering the whole year of 1814-15.
Simultaneously with the calling of the Congress of Vienna in 1814, Pope Pius VIIth restored the Society of Jesus [Jesuit Order] which had been abolished by Pope Clement IVth, July 21, 1773, on the grounds that it was immoral, dangerous and was a menace to the very life of the papacy. Clement was promptly poisoned for his act.

With the restoration of this order, the execution of the Secret Treaty of Verona was placed in their keeping.
The Congress of Vienna was a black conspiracy against Pop- ular Governments at which the “high contracting parties” announc- ed at its close that they had formed a “holy alliance.” This was a cloak under which they masked to deceive the people. The particular business of the Congress of Verona, it developed, was the RATIFICATION  of Article Six of the Congress of Vienna, which was in short, a promise to prevent or destroy Popular Governments wherever found, and to re-establish monarchy where it had been set aside.
The “high contracting parties” of this compact which were Russia, Prussia, Austria and the Pope Pius VIIth, king of the Papal States, entered into a secret treaty to do so. That the reader may get some idea of the villainy of these two Congresses and their relation to our government, and to the death of Abraham Lincoln, I quote excerpts from that document below, as it appears on the Congressional Record of April 25, 1916, placed there by Senator Robert L. Owen and as it is recorded in the Diplomatic Code, by Elliott, page 179:

“The undersigned specially authorized to make some additions to the treaty of the Holy Alliance, after having exchanged their respective credentials, have agreed as follows:

ARTICLE 1. The high contracting powers being convinced that the system of representative government is equally as incompatible with the monarchical principles as the maxim of the sovereignty of the people with the divine right, engage mutually, in the most solemn manner to use all their efforts to put an end to the system of representative governments, in whatever country it may exist in Europe, and to prevent its being introduced in those countries where it is not yet known.

ARTICLE 2. As it cannot be doubted that the liberty of the press is the most powerful means used by the pretended supporters of the rights of nations to the detriment of those of princes, the high contracting parties promise reciprocally to adopt all proper measures TO SUPPRESS IT, NOT ONLY IN THEIR OWN STATE BUT ALSO IN THE REST OF EUROPE.

ARTICLE 3. Convinced that the principles of religion contribute most powerfully to keep nations in the state of passive obedience which they owe to their princes, the high contracting parties declare it to be their intention to sustain in their respective states, those measures which the clergy may adopt 1 with the aim of ameliorating their own interests, so intimately connected with the preservation of the authority of the princes; and the contracting powers join in offering THEIR THANKS TO THe POPE FOR WHAT HE HAS ALREADY DONE FOR THEM, AND SOLICIT HIS CONSTANT CO-OPERATION IN THEIR VIEWS OF SUBMITTING THE NATIONS.

ARTICLE 4. The situation of Spain and Portugal unite unhappily all the circumstances to which this treaty has particular reference. The high contracting parties, in confiding to France the care of putting an end to them, engaged to assist her in manner which may at least compromit them with their own people and the people of France by means of subsidy on the part of the two empires of 20,000,000 of francs every year from the date of signature of this treaty to the end of the war.

ARTICLE 5. In order to establish in the peninsula the order of things which existed before the revolution of Cadiz, and to insure the entire execution of the articles of the present treaty, the high contracting parties give to each other the reciprocal assurance that as long as their views are not fulfilled, rejecting all other ideas of futility or other measure to be taken, they will address themselves with the shortest possible delay to all the authorities existing in their states and to all their agents in foreign countries, with the view to establish connections tending toward the accomplishment of the objects proposed by this treaty.

ARTICLE 6. This treaty shall be renewed with such changes as new circumstances may give occasion for, either at a new congress, or at the court of one of the contracting parties, as soon as the war with Spain shall be terminated.

ARTICLE 7. The present treaty shall be ratified and the ratifications exchanged at Paris within the space of six months.

Made at Verona the 22nd of November, 1822
For Austria: Metternich.
For France: Chateaubriand.
For Russia: Bernstet.
For Russia: Nesselrode.”

When Senator Owen was questioned by members of Congress upon the meaning of the Treaty, the Record shows his reply part as follows:

“This Holy Alliance, having put a Bourbon prince upon the throne of France by force, then used France to suppress the condition of Spain, immediately afterwards, and by the very treaty gave her a subsidy of 20,000,000 francs annually to enable her to wage war upon the people of Spain and prevent their exercise of any measure of the right of self-government. The Holy Alliance immediately did the same thing in Italy, by sending Austrian troops to Italy, where the people there attempted to exercise a like measure of liberal constitutional Self-government: and it was not until the printing press, which the Holy Alliance so stoutly opposed, taught the people of Europe the value of liberty that finally one country after another seized a greater and greater right of self-government, until now it may be fairly said that nearly all the nations of Europe have a very large measure of self-government.

“However, I wished to call the attention of the Senate to this important history in the growth of constitutional popular self-government. The Holy Alliance made its powers felt by the wholesale drastic suppression of the powers felt by universal censorship, by killing free speech and all ideas of popular rights, and by the complete suppression of popular government. The Holy Alliance having destroyed popular government in Spain, and in Italy, had well-laid plans also to destroy popular government in the American Colonies which had revolted from Spain and Portugal in Central and South America under the influence of the successful example of the United States.”

“It was because of this conspiracy against the American Republics by the European monarchies that the great English statesman, Canning, called the attention of our government to it, and our statesmen then, including Thomas Jefferson, who was still living at that time, took an active part to bring about the declaration by President Monroe in his next annual message to the Congress of the United States that the United States would regard it as an act of hostility to the government of the United States and an unfriendly act, if this coalition, or if any power of Europe ever undertook to establish upon the American continent any control of any American republic, or to acquire any territorial rights.

“This is the so-called Monroe Doctrine. The threat under the secret treaty of Verona to suppress popular government in the American republics is the basis of the Monroe Doctrine. This secret treaty sets forth clearly the conflict between monarchial government and popular government, and the government of the few as against the government of the many.”

The above comments of our United States Senator before Congress in 1916, clearly defines the object and intent of these “Divine Righters” in Europe.

It will be well for the reader to understand that the church of Rome with its sixteen centuries of intrigue, plans fifty or a hundred years ahead. The ultimate goal of the GREAT SCHEME is to throw the lever of time back by restoring the Pope as the “universal arbiter” from whom all the rulers of the earth must receive their authority to rule, as during the Dark Ages.

The BIG IDEA of democracy, taught by Jesus Christ when He proclaimed the spiritual equality of all men, has always been hated and feared by the Jesuit System, and made the target of their venom, despite all their protestations of Christianity.

The IDEA of spiritual equality logically and inevitable leads to social equality which has been made practical by Popular Governments.

The central Idea of Popular Government is “consent of the governed.”

The first real social freedom resulted from the Protestant Reformation, led by the little German monk Martin Luther, in 1517. This was an unpardonable sin – this was the death blow to the Papacy.
Protestant Germany, Protestant England, and of course, Protestant United States, have been from the beginning marked by them for destruction. Ex-Catholic Italy and ex-Catholic France are next in this “rule or ruin” Policy. In Protestant Denmark, Sweden, and Holland, the same process of “working from within”, is being pursued as it is in this country and Canada.

The seeds of hate between Germany and England were planted in those two glorious Protestant countries by the Jesuits so that they might develop in time to block the celebration of the Protestant Reformation on its four hundredth Anniversary – an event which was planned to surpass anything o f the kind the world has ever seen, a celebration which would have set Protestantism fifty years ahead.

The Jesuits, anticipating this, started the World War [WW I] which completely sidetracked it.
For over sixty years the Great Scheme the Vatican and its Jesuits have been working on is, in a nutshell, to form an ECCLESIASTICAL EMPIRE, uniting French Canada with our Atlantic States, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. This is to be done by annexation, manipulated through corrupt politicians at Washington, D. C., in much the same method as the annexation of Texas was accomplished, over sixty years ago.

The next big card being played by Rome is the unification of the French Canadian and Irish-Catholic vote in the New England States where the influx of Catholic Canadians is of such proportion as to cause serious consideration of loyal Americans right now.

The Church is meeting with some difficulty, owing to the deep seated dislike between the French and Irish Catholics. This, however, is being rapidly overcome by two methods: intermarriage and through the work of the Knights of Columbus which is by far the most dangerous lay organization in this country.

The “Tragedy of Quebec”, a book written by a PROTESTANT Canadian, exposes the PLAN in detail, and the facts and figures given by this writer who has been a close student of the subject for many years are starting. It would be illumination to the reader who is not familiar with this book to read it. The full plan of extending the Pope’s empire on the Atlantic coast will be done by Latinizing our Southern States, a process which was begun very early in our history, prior to the Civil War.

The big efforts of the Catholic Church to papalize the Negro in the South should not be overlooked where great strides have been taken in that direction.

The next step in the Vatican’s Great Scheme is to make war between this country and Japan after the latter country has been placed under full dominance of the Jesuits. 2 The priests, monks, and nuns of the Roman Church have been pouring into Japan from all over the world now for many years with that purpose in view. The writer was told by a Christian Japanese minister in charge of a Protestant mission in Los Angeles in reply to the question as to why the Jesuits, who had been barred for years from Japan, had now been permitted to enter. He answered that the Roman Church had gotten into his country under the guise of Mohammedanism, and that after it was well entrenched threw off its disguise, and his country learned to its astonishment that it was to the Roman Church and its monastic orders it had opened its doors.

That the Roman-Catholic-controlled trade unions in California are at the bottom of most of the agitation against the Japanese in that State is a fact; that the Roman Catholic politician, James Phelan, was sent to the United States Senate in 1913 by the solid Roman vote, and has been the prime mover in the anti-Jap agitation, is also a fact.

There are many Californians, of course outside the Roman church, who fear the Japanese menace on account of their prolific propagation, and their non-assimilative proclivities, but it is only since I have realized the activity of the Jesuits to papalize Japan, that the real horror of the “yellow peril” has impressed itself upon me.  Add Romanism to Japan, and it certainly becomes terrifying in its aspect.

I am not presenting these things as a calamity howler, but I believe with careful consideration and immediate intelligent activity, the danger can be averted. We must be alert and doing.

And now we will take up the Roman question which is the big, overshadowing world question today, and it will continue to be until the Papacy is finally uprooted. We will have to take cognizance of it in Europe frequently through these pages in order to get a clear view of the impending danger to ourselves, I ask the reader to be patient and follow me closely in my hurdling of the Atlantic, back and forth, at various times which I have been obliged to do. It is a big and perplexing question to try to simplify sufficiently for the busy non-Romanist who is so absorbed in his own affairs and who so little understands that pernicious system.
The great mistake which the American non-Catholic people make is that they judge the Papacy by the Roman Church as they find it in this country. One cannot gauge it from this standpoint, for we must remember that it is operation where more than five-sixths of the people are non-Romanists – in a Protestant country. In order to get an accurate estimate one must survey where it has held sway for centuries, On this side of the Atlantic, for instance, we will have to contemplate it, as it is in Mexico, or Central and South America, in order to get a true estimate.

I shall quote through these pages copiously from several books, some of which are out of print, in order that their messages may not be entirely lost.

by Dr. Ron Powell

1 This is the wording that will allow the Catholic Church to institute another inquisition which will bring death, darkness, and do away with free-speech unless everyone conforms to the Catholic system run by the anti-christ sitting on the golden throne in the Vatican State!

2 This did, in deed, happen 17 years after this book was first printed [1924] when the American Government forced Japan to attack Pearl Harbor [See John Toland’s book] by cutting off all of Japan’s oil and iron forcing Japan to attack or allow her economy and war machine to grind to a halt!


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Written and Compiled by
BURKE McCARTY, Ex-Romanist

Chapter II

The “Society of Jesus” the members of which are referred to as the Jesuits, has absorbed the Papacy. This society was founded by a fanatic, one Ignatius Loyola, in 1541; its object being to combat the Protestant Reformation of Martin Luther of 1517.

Loyola was the son of a prominent Spanish family who had distinguished himself as a soldier, and by the immoral excesses of his private live, but who, owing to an accident which maimed him, was supposed to have become “converted”, and during the illness which followed, the Society of Jesus was conceived in his brain, fertile with deviltry.

The Society of Jesus is under the strictest military discipline, due to the military training and psychology of its founder. It is absolutely commanded by the “General” its head, also known as the “Black” Pope. The garb is always a plain black cassock. But here permit me to present the definition of one of its eminent “Generals” of the seventeenth century and which aptly describes it today:

“The members of the Society are dispersed in every corner of the world, and divided into as many nations and kingdoms as the earth has limits; divisions, however, marked only by distance of places, not of sentiment; by the differences of languages, not of affections; by the dissemblance of faces, not of manners. In that family the Latin thinks as the Greek, the Portuguese as the Brazilian, the Hibernian as the Sumatran, the Spanish as the French, the English as the Flemish; and amongst so many different geniuses, no controversy, no contention, nothing which gives you a hint, to perceive that they have more than one. . . . Their birthplace offers them no motive of personal interest.  The same aim, same conduct, same VOW, which like a conjugal know, has tied them together. At the least sign one man, the General, turns and returns the entire society and shapes the revolution of so large a body. 1

“It is easy to move, but difficult to shape.” [Imago Primsaeculi Societas Jesu”, published by the aurhorization of Mutto Vittelshi, General in 1640.]

With some above authentic illumination you will be able to somewhat grasp the reason that the execution of the mandate of the Holy Alliance and secret treaty of Verona was entrusted to the members of the Society of Jesus. God save the mark!

As a further item of interest we quote the following excerpts of this oath bound organization. It is the oath taken now by practically all priests of the Church of Rome, and has been charged as the one taken by members of the Fourth Degree in the Knights of Columbus. [See Congressional Record, House Bill 1523, Contested election case of Eugene C. Bonniwell, against Thomas S. Butler, February 15, 1913, pages 3215-16.]

“I . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ., now in the presence of Almighty God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Blessed Michael the Archangel, The Blessed St. John the Baptist, the Holy Apostles, Peter and Paul, and all the Saints, scared host of Heaven and to you, my ghostly Father, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, founded by St. Ignatius Loyola, in the Pontification of Paul the Third, and continued to the present, do by the womb of the virgin, the matrix of God, and the rod of Jesus Christ, declare and swear that his holiness, the Pope, is Christ’s Vice-regent, and is the true and only head of the Catholic or Universal Church throughout the earth; and that by the virtue of the keys of binding and loosing, given to his Holiness by my Savior, Jesus Christ, he hath power to depose heretical kings, princes, states, commonwealths, and governments, all being illegal without his sacred confirmation, and that they may be safely destroyed.

“Therefore, to the utmost of my power, I shall and will defend this doctrine and his Holiness’ right and customs against all usurpers of the heretical or Protestant authority, whatever especially the Luthern Church of Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, and the now pretended authority of the Church of England and Scotland, the branches of the same, now where . . . . . I do now renounce and disown any allegiance as due to any heretical king, prince or state named Protestant or Liberals, or obedience to any of their laws, magistrates or officers.

“I do further promise and declare, that notwithstanding I am dispensed with to assume any religion heretical, for the propagating of the Mother Church’s interest, to keep secret and private all her agents’ counsels, from time to time as they may instruct me, and not to divulge directly or indirectly, by word, writing, or circumstances whatever; but to execute all that shall be proposed, given in charge or discovered unto me, by you, my ghostly father . . . . .

“I do further promise and declare, that I will have no opinion or will of my own, or any mental reservation whatever, even as a corpse or cadaver [perinde ac cadaver] but unhesitatingly, obey each and very command that I may receive from my superiors in the Militia of the Pope and Jesus Christ.2

“That I will go to any part of the world, whatsoever, without murmuring and will be submissive in all things whatsoever communicated to me3 . . . . . I do further promise and declare, that I will, when opportunity presents, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do to extirpate4 and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth,5 and that I will spare neither sex,6 age, nor condition,7 and that I will hang,8 waste, boil, flay, strangle,9 and bury alive these infamous heretics; rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants’ heads against the wall, in order to annihilate forever10 their execrable race.


The late Edwin A. Sherman, a 33rd Degree Mason of Oakland, California, in his book entitled, The Engineer Corps of Hell, quotes Charles Sauvestre, whose work he translated from the Spanish, which says in part:

“Such are the Jesuits. Always expelled, forever returning, and little by little, clandestinely, and in the darkness, throwing out its vigorous roots. Its wealth may be confiscated, its looses cannot be detained for they are covered . . . . Confessors, negotiators, brokers, lenders, peddlers of pious gew gaws, inventors of new devotions to make merchandise. At times, mixing in politics, agitating states, and making princes tremble upon their thrones, for they are terrible in their hate. WOE UNTO HIM WHEN THEY TURN UPON HIM AS AN ENEMY! . . . . . Its society grows and increases in riches and influence by all sorts of means; and no one can attach them, for everywhere we find men prompt to serve them, to obtain from them some advantage of position or pride . . . . . For Themselves, they are nothing, not having pompous titles, no croziers, no mitres, no capes of the prebendaries, but pertain to that one ORDER, everywhere governing and directing . . . . In whatever place of the Catholic world a Jesuit is insulted or resisted, no matter how insignificant he may be, he is sure to be avenged, - and this we know.”

“The General is always surrounded by counsellors, professors, novices, and graduates”, says Michelet . . “prescribing friendship in the seminaries and being prohibited to walk two by two, it is necessary to be alone, or three together, but not less, for it is well known that the Jesuits never establish any intimacy before a third, for the third is a spy; for when there are three, which is indispensable, there cannot be found a traitor.”


The papal church when expedient, follows the rule of pagan Rome to hold a conquered country in leash, and make it yield its pound of flesh, by placing over it native rulers, which is the easy way to approach the people on their blind side.

In 1753 an American-born boy of eighteen, one John Carroll, from Upper Marborough, Maryland, entered the College of the Society of Jesuits at Watteau, Flanders, to study for the Romish priesthood in that Order. The time required ordinarily for the training in that Society, is fourteen years, and, as John Carroll was not ordained until he had served sixteen years in preparation, it is safe to conclude that this American-born youth was an especially well grounded “Cadaver” [see the Jesuit oath on page 11 para 3] upon his return to the Colonies in 1769, and that his Society was justified in feeling that its interests would be competently administered.

John Carroll had taken the oath from which we quoted some pages back, to “When opportunity presents, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretical, Protestants and Liberals.”
It is interesting to note that John Carroll was a first cousin to Charles Carroll of Carrollton, the only romanist who signed the Declaration of Independence.

The officials of Maryland Colony sent a committee, of which Benjamin Franklin was a member, to visit French Canada to see if help could be had from that source in the interest of the Colonies in the coming conflict with England.

It was recommended by Congress that Charles Carroll ask his cousin, John Carroll, the Jesuit priest, to accompany them, hoping that he would use his influence in securing the assistance of the French priest in the Cause of the Colonies, an act which showed the lack of understanding of the fundamentals and discipline of the Jesuit Society, by the Colonists.

Of course, the expedition utterly failed, owing to the influence of the French priests and the people of French Canada, over whom “Father” John Carroll was supposed to have had the power of persuasion. Through England was an “heretical” country, the exceedingly liberal and the independent spirit of defiance in the American Colonies, was far more menacing, in the eyes of the priests, to the interests of the church and the divine righters, and Priest Carroll’s Jesuit Oath precluded the possibility of his having any interest in his native country, consequently he had to think in the same channel as his French compatriots in religion. That he, a few years later, merited the distinction from his church to be made the first Archbishop of Baltimore, and was permitted to live to the ripe old age of four score years, is proof positive that he served his church faithfully by strictly adhering to his Jesuit Oath, The first Archbishop of Baltimore left his indelible stamp on that diocese as was clearly demonstrated during the Civil War, for every plot to assassinate President Lincoln, and there were many, was hatched in Baltimore - in fact, Baltimore is the vienna of America.

The fact also must not be overlooked, that there were less than 30,000 romanists and 25 priests in the Colonies at the breaking out of the Revolution. This, of course, was a handicap to the Reverend Carroll.
The first Archbishop of Baltimore must have been, however, thoroughly conversant with the rumblings of the Revolution in Europe, for his Society was having some “rough sledding” during the early eighteenth century when he arrived in Flanders, and its members were being driven out of first one country and then another.

The great battle for political freedom was being bitterly waged between the Jesuits on one hand and Freemasonry on the other, just as in the final analysis of the present irrepressible conflict in the United States today, these two forces are lining up, a fact which is becoming more obvious as time goes on.
They stand today as they have always stood, these Jesuits, against every principle upon which Freemasonry is founded - upon which Americanism is based.

A group of French cyclopedists,12  led by Jean Jacques Rousseau, had embodied a new concept of government, in which the central postulate was, that the only authority to govern should come from the consent of the governed. This was whipped into shape and published early in the eighteenth century and boldly proclaimed to the world by Rousseau in his Social Contract - contract of society. Eleven years after, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine and other framers of our Declaration of Independence, incorporated it in that great chart of liberty, and when the silver tones of our old Liberty Bell in Philadelphia rang it out on July 4th, 1776, it reverberated around the world and stirred the red blood of every divine-right hater to its depths:

“Gravely plain the good pen lined it,
and the Fifty Six all signed it;
Pledged their lives to seal and bind it,
True and well!
Then sudden from the steeple,
Clanged the tocsin of the people,
Spoke the sum of history’s pages,
Pealed the thoughts of saints and sages,
Rang the keynote of the ages, - in the Bell.”
[The Liberty Bell by Howard S. Taylor]

It is difficult now for us to realize the boldness and courage required of that little group of Colonial “Rebels”  who gathered around the table in Independence Hall in Philadelphia, to sign that document. It was a grim joke, indeed, that Benjamin Franklin sprung when he took up the pen to write in his name, and said: “Gentlemen,  we must now all hang together, for if we don’t, we will hang separately.”

The success of the revolution in the American Colonies gave the stimulation to the French to revolt in 1789. The triumphant conclusion of John Wilkes’ battle for a free press in England, the rumblings of revolt in the Papal States where the pope was king, all these held the cradle of Popular Government in this country in security until the infant had dropped its swaddling clothes, and got a fair start to grow.

John Carroll was studying in the Jesuit College in Flanders when Rousseau’s Social Contract set Europe ablaze with its message to the downtrodden masses. The sensation precipitated by the revolutionary proclamation can but faintly imagined now. Certain it is that the pope of Rome with the rest of the crown heads of Europe saw the handwriting on the wall, if the New Idea of government were permitted to take root.
Four years later John Carroll was a full-fledged Jesuit priest, and was returned to his native land where he had an opportunity to get a “close-up” of the working out of the first Popular Government where the people were the only source of authority.

In 1808 this Jesuit priest was created the first Archbishop of Baltimore, by his “Lord-God” the pope. In receiving the pallium he took a more disloyal oath of allegiance than that as a priest, to direct the work of his Order and his church.

Verily, “The ways of God are wondrous strange.” Who would have thought that a few months later an infant son would be born to a pioneer couple in the backwoods of Kentucky, in a rude log hut, who was destined to, fifty years later, with one blow, defeat the cautiously laid plans of the Vatican, its Jesuits, the Romanoffs of Russia, the Hapsburgs of Austria and the King of Prussia!

I have often pictured the baby Lincoln playing about the humble log cabin in the Kentucky woods, whose life was no different from the infant life of other children of the pioneers, except in the greater degree of poverty, and wondered if by chance in her day dreams, Nancy Hanks Lincoln could have glimpsed the perspective in which her baby boy was destined to become the savior of this Popular Government; if, when she gathered him to her proud motherly heart, quieting him to sleep with a crooning lullaby, which all mothers sing, the noble but storm-tossed future, of the child she snuggled might by chance, like summer lightning, have flashed over her vision? And, in my mind’s eye, I pictured the meeting on the other side of the Great Divide of this mother and son on the morning of April 15th, 1865, and the happy look of triumph in her glistening eyes as she beheld him in the immortal garb of martyrdom which his enemies had inadvertently placed upon him.

by Dr. Ron Powell

1 Here you have it. Straight from the devil’s mouth! The Catholic Church is a political organization masquerading as a religious organization that has its tentacles in every country. These tentacles are ready to do what is wished by the head to destroy any country and bring that country into subjection to the old anti-christ sitting on the throne in Rome!

2 This means that the one swearing the oath will become as a robot doing whatever he is told. He will not even question if what he is asked is morally right or wrong. He will do it because the Pope or one of his devils has asked it be done. This includes murdering in many horrible manners, even to the ripping open of women’s wombs and taking the baby out and smashing his head against a wall or rock!

3 And they did go into all of the world with their inquisition. They murdered and made slaves of the American Indians, the people of Chile, of Peru, of Columbia, of all of Mexico, South and Central America, most of Europe and sometimes in England when they placed Catholic rulers on the throne. The Catholic Church literally went unto the ends of the earth to murder, steal land, and rape! Go to any big University library and look at all of the books on The Inquisition in the various countries. They will be such titles as: The Inquisition in Chile, The Inquisition in Peru, The Inquisition in Spain, etc.

4 This word means: To eradicate; destroy.

5 What kind of religion is this to swear such a thing? Would they actually do it?

6 In the book entitled: The History Of The Evangelical Churches Of The Valleys Of Piemont, By Samuel Morland, Published in 1658 on pages 336 through 384 are the stories and lists of names of hundreds of Bible Believing Waldenses that the Catholic Church ordered murdered. They were buried alive, roasted, boiled, had their babies ripped from the womb and had their heads dashed on rocks and walls, the young girls were raped [some as young as eight years old] as well as women up to ninety years of age. Then they were murdered!

7 In the same book and on the same pages as footnote six we find that the Catholics went into homes and took out the bedridden old saints of God who were unable to run or be carried due to their afflictions. Then they were raped, boiled, the meat was diced from their bones small pieces at a time to prolong their agony, and one young girl had a long sharpened pole inserted into her private part which was thrust upward going through one lung and coming out at her back. In this manner she was hoisted upward and carried around by the Catholic soldiers while they made fun of their human banner. What kind of Christians are in American today? Not many American Christians would be able to suffer such as this!

8 The Catholics did! See History of the Ancient Christians, Published in
1846 by Griffith & Simon.

9 The Catholics did this! See History Of The Waldenses, Reprint published in 1985 by Church History Research & Archives, 220 Graystone Drive, Gallatin, Tennessee 37066, Phone 615 [or is it 423?], 452-0341.

10 The Catholic virtually destroyed the Albingenses. See The Ecclesiastical History Of The Ancient Churches OF Piedmont And Of The Albingenses, which is a reprint of a very old book. Reprinted by the same company as in footnote 9. See also: The History Of The Ancient Vallenses And Albigenses, first published 1838, but reprinted by the same company as in footnote number 9.

11 And they have used the poison cup on at least two of America’s Presidents! Read onward in this book and you will see.

12 People who have a studied knowledge in most all fields of knowledge.

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