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Roman Catholicism - Ecumenism - Continued

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What Billy Graham Really Believes - Part One

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Billy Graham And False Bible Versions

Billy Graham And Freemasonry

Billy Graham And Freemasonry 2

Billy Graham And New Age Occultist

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Billy Graham's Legacy

Billy Graham Has Been Warned

Billy Graham is a man who is popular with the world and sings the praises of bloody Communist dictators. He promotes the spiritual authority of the Vatican and its Pope, and uses Catholic priests and nuns to counsel people who come forward at his crusades at invitation time. Billy Graham also commends the Catholic practice of infant baptism, and had his own children baptized as an infant. Billy Graham praised the Pope as "the greatest" and as "the strong conscience of the whole Christian world" The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and its crusades refer Christians to Jewish rabbis, synagogues, and Catholic Churches. Billy Graham praised President Bill Clinton, as a wonderful Christian and proclaimed that Clinton "would make a great evangelist" Billy Graham teaches that "pagans can be saved through nature" and that "there is no literal fire and brimstone hell where sinners will go" He has verbally attacked and criticized Christian pastors who preach Jesus to Jews. He has endorsed false bibles, and the list could go on and on......find out for yourself.

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