Jack Van Impe

With Billy Graham suffering from parkinson's disease, you may think that the Pope has lost his best PR puppet, but, although perhaps not as famous and influential as Billy Graham, Jack Van Impe is an excellent PR man for the Pope.

Jack Van Impe started out as a fundamentalist, and like Billy Graham he soon compromised. When the desire for a greater outreach surpassed his base of support, he did what Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell did, he watered down the message and called everyone a Christian to gather more money to pay for air time. In the beginning he warned people about Billy Graham who had become a Neo-evangelist, guilty of compromise, and he used to regularly condemn the teachings of Roman Catholicism, now Jack Van Impe praises the Pope and says that Billy Graham showed us how to love.

Jack Van Impe's prophecy show is broadcast weekly over TBN's global and ecumenical TV network. Van Impe and his wife, Rexella, continually use the show as a propaganda campaign for Pope John Paul II, calling him "this great Pope," etc. On one such show, he said that he reads and loves everything that either the Pope or Billy Graham write. He then added "The Pope is fulfilling what Christ told us to do,"

"I was deeply moved as Pope John Paul II opened his humble heart of love to all of us. Billy Graham calls him the moral voice of the 20th century, and I agree. (Jack Van Impe Presents, July 23, 1995)

In the October-December, 1995 issue of Foundation Magazine, Jack Van Impe is quoted as pleading for fundamentalists to “...forget your theological moorings. Forget your labels.” He goes on to praise Pope John Paul II, and commends the Pope’s plan for unity among all “Christians” and the establishment of a “world church.”

As all other ecumenicalists, he misuses John: 17:21, "That they all may be one". Rexella quoted Charles Colson from an 11/14 Christianity Today article where he quoted Dutch Calvinist Abraham Kuyper as saying Rome is not our enemy. Van Impe replied: "That great dialogue is going on now through Colson, through the Southern Baptist Convention numbering 18,000, and through Campus Crusade numbering millions, and I want to be part of what I believe the Bible teaches ... Yes, we have so much in common..." (Calvary Contender, April 15, 1995)

Van Impe praises Pope John Paul II's message from the Vatican Magazine "that they may all be one." But the pope, like so many other religious leaders, often has entirely different messages for different groups, note the following statement of Pope John Paul II contained in the Roman Catholic publication Catholic Moment (9/10/95):

"Christian unity will not become a reality unless all churches accept "the authority Christ entrusted to St. Peter and his successors. Unity in Christ is based on following His will.

This unity will not be fully manifested until all Christians accept Christ's will for the Church and acknowledge the apostolic authority of the bishops, in communion with the successor of Peter.

The Church is also catholic [universal], although its universal dimension must be constantly strengthened through missionary activity, adaptation to various cultures and an ecumenical outreach to other Christians...The Church's structure of authority and service, based on Christ's mandate to Peter and the other Apostles, is an essential part of fidelity to Christ's will.

What a contrast and contradiction!

Jack Van Impe is also promoting the New Catholic Catechism, he says:

"We [Roman Catholics & himself] agree on the great fundamentals of the faith, ...I've been reading the Catholic Catechism, 2,865 points, backed with 5,000 to 6,000 verses of Scripture. This is the Word of God. Of course there are some things where I don't agree. But I find many of these things in our Protestant churches as well. But this thing blessed my heart. This piece of literature, saturated with the precious Word of God." (12/94 tape)


"I have attempted to read one book a day and have already covered 10 thousand volumes in my lifetime. I used to use Halley's Pocket Bible Handbook and the Two Babylons by Hisslop to knock my brothers and sisters in other denominations and then the Spirit God started to do something in my heart about 10 years ago, and I'm different man, and I, just in the last four weeks, have read 25 volumes on the Catholic Church, and the pope, and here's just a few of them so you know what I'm talking about. So, don't write to me and say, "Hey, you don't know what you're talking about " and try to correct me because know everything there is to know about Christianity, Catholicism, Protestantism."

I used to be an opponent and worked against other brothers and sisters in Christ but this book, The Catechism, really opened my eyes. I used to hear it said that Catholics were not allowed to read the Bible. In the Catechism, (this new one), there's seven to ten thousand Bible verses and everything this pope says, even his book Crossing the Threshold of Hope is backed by the Word of God. And, I'm going to say some things that will shock you today. Ten years ago when I started my quest for unity, I lost all my support. The churches cut me off. I faced bankruptcy but God brought us back. I'm willing to pay any price, any price, even if I have to go off the air again, to take this stand I'm going to take today of my love for my brothers and sisters in the Catholic and all the different Protestant churches, if we take our stand for Christ which the majority of churches do. (Jack Van Impe Presents,July 23, 1995)

The Catechism endorsed by Van Impe, is a Vatican approved guidebook to the Catholic Church's official doctrines and proclaims that Jews and Moslems do not need to convert to Jesus. It also says that Mary and the saints are worthy of adoration and should be prayed to for intercession, and that outside the Catholic Church "there is no salvation." The Catechism further explains that salvation and grace are not only granted through faith, but also in exchange for good works and through use of the rosary and the sacraments. It teaches that when infants are baptized by a Catholic priest, they are "regenerated" and cleansed from original sin, and teaches of the necessity of confession to a priest.

These doctrines are clearly unscriptural. Yet, on one of his programs, Jack Van Impe held up a copy of the New Catholic Catechism and announced, "This book contains the Gospel of Jesus Christ I believe in".

Jack Van Impe also regularly quotes from old Catholic books on his show, these books contain discredited prophecies from deceased Catholic "prophets" He also quotes the Mary apparitions, and tells us that he and Rexella believe that "Mother Mary" is appearing every-where with words of truth for mankind.

All you have to do to see that these things are true is watch his shows, these are not just isolated remarks. Dare we join hands with those whose theology is damning souls to an eternal hell? Jack Van Impe is deceived and is in turn deceiving others.

Regardless of what this current Pope says, the primary goal of the Roman Catholic system is to gather all those groups of Christians who have come out of Romanism, back to Rome to worship. The ultimate goal of this corrupt religious system is world domination.

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