Prince Charles - Antichrist?

Many post-trib Christians have adopted the ideas of Jim Searcy, Monte Judah, and others regarding Prince Charles of Wales being the anti-Christ.

Basic to the pro-Charles camp is a treaty signed by late Israeli Prime Minister Rabin, which was a seven-year agreement which, long before the mid-term, was opposed by the new government. The treaty was called, the "Oslo Accord," but it was also called the "Seven Year Peace Accords." It is a "land for peace" deal, assuring Arafat Israeli soil in return for peaceful co-existence. This deal is being proclaimed as the seven-year covenant of Daniel 9:27, making it the tribulation period.

The Oslo Accord was signed by Rabin and Arafat, and this, according to popular-view logic, should make Arafat the anti-Christ. But in their believing Charles to be the anti-Christ, Jim Searcy and others have denied this. It's not the one who signs the deal, they now say, but it's the one who "confirms" it that is the anti-Christ. Well, how are we now going to define "confirm" if it doesn't mean the actual signing of the deal? As one who confirms it in his mind? Or with a handshake? Or with a nod? It can make quite a few men the anti-Christ since many could "confirm" the treaty outside of signing the Papers.

While the Accord and the Daniel covenant are both noticeably seven-year agreements, we should have the wisdom to restrain ourselves before equating them on that basis alone. There may be many seven-year agreements in the Middle East in the near future, we should have the wisdom to reject the false fulfillments. The Oslo Accord does not satisfy all the Biblical material required for the tribulation period. The Accord was signed on September 13, 1993, positioning the middle of the tribulation in March 1997. The Abomination did not occur as expected near March of 1997, and instead of abandoning the whole thing all sorts of ideas are now being promoted in an effort to repair the situation.

In 1996, when the pro-Charles people were expecting the Abomination to occur around the mid-way point of March, 1997, they made many predictions for 1997 as a whole. They said:

"There will be war in the Middle East. This war will be short, but very devastating. We will see a literal fulfillment of Isaiah 17:1 and Amos 1, where Damascus will cease to be a city and be left as nothing but a ruinous heap. World economic systems will collapse, and as a result of the mutual defense treaty which Syria has with Russia, there may be Russian nuclear strikes..." (written by Ken Crouch).

None of these predictions came to pass in 1997. Ken Crouch continues,

"Shortly after this war, the Jews will begin the Altar Service, the sacrifice of lambs at evening and morning."

He predicts that Charles will have everything to do with getting the Altar Service started. He then predicts that Charles would come and put a halt to the Altar Service and proclaim himself to be the Messiah of Israel (anti-Christ).

The Anti-Christ proclaiming to be "god" in the middle of the tribulation (Dan. 11:36) does not mean he will proclaim himself as the Jewish Messiah, as the Daniel 11:21-36 text clearly shows otherwise. The term "anti" in "anti-Christ" does not suggest his posing as the Messiah, but rather that he will oppose the Messiah, which is what the scriptures show (Dan. 8:11, Rev. 13:5-6), the anti-Christ will blaspheme the God of the Bible.

After making his wrong predictions, Ken tells us the Daniel prophecies were sealed to everyone except to "men of insight" like himself. Then, laying the groundwork for yet another wrong prediction, he says,

"Remember, the 4,000 year comet, Hale-Bopp, which will be at its brightest ebb at the mid-point of the seven years? To the people in the Middle East a comet means famine."

Working on this superstitious belief, he and others have predicted a famine in 1997, even in the United States, but it did not materialized. Ken reported how some ranchers in Texas had gone out of business or sold off their cows, and this sort of thing is supposed to constitute the heart of Hale-Bopp's famine-curse.

Jim Searcy, before the predictions were to become true, condemned himself:

"Men of insight, or men of understanding, are prophesied to come and are mentioned in Daniel 11:33; 12:3 and 12:10. There is a way for you to test these men of insight..."

Jim is not the only one to claim the Daniel 11:33 text in support of his own elevation to "prophethood," or in claiming his own views to be true. And he is not the last to fall on account of his false ideas. Others are sure to convince themselves that they are hearing from God when in fact they are not. It is a form of Christian mysticism that is taking hold of many, whose heads are becoming "crystal balls," where pictures that occur in thier minds are taken as God-given visions. In the Millennium, the end-time "prophets" which survive Armageddon will be humbled by God (read Zechariah 13):

"And it shall come to pass in that day, that the prophets shall be ashamed every one of his vision..." (Zechariah 13:4)

The false prophet has egotistical ideas of his position before God, and of his own Biblical understanding, leading to special claims like the following:

"No one has been able to explain this riddle [of the seven kings] in the past, but I will explain it to you."

He says it refers to the seven "Charles" which ruled the Roman empire over the past centuries, and that Prince Charles of Wales is the eighth Charles, thus making him the anti-Christ of Revelation 17. But doesn't Revelation 17 tell us that one of the seven kings was ruling when the Revelation was being given to the apostle John? And does it not say that the king which was ruling at that time (around 90 AD) was the sixth king? Well, then, how could the seven heads of the beast be the seven Charles' of the Roman empire? The sixth Charles to rule Rome (Charles VI) started ruling in 1711 AD! Clearly, a large enough problem to utterly discredit the theory.

The sixth king which was ruling when Revelation was written was Emperor Domitian; the one to follow (Nerva) ruled the short time of 16 months. The other five were Gaius, Claudius, Nero, Vespasian and Titus, who had fallen by that time. They represented the anti-Christ spirit during the ministry of the apostles from Gaius' reign in 37 AD to Nerva's reign in 98 AD, having as one main purpose the sacking of Jerusalem in 70 AD. The eighth king, or the anti-Christ, will come after the interval of Revelation 17:8, to bring back that anti-Christ spirit through a revived, end-time Rome. These seven were the most wicked rulers of the Roman empire, according to popular (and secular) historian Will Durrant. If one but studies their lives, one can see them as incarnations of Satan to a large degree. Indeed, the Biblical picture of the seven heads of the beast serves to show how the kings which the heads represent are very closely controlled by Satan. The anti-Christ will be a ruler along the same lines, and this is why he belongs to the seven.

Some quote Daniel 11:18 as "evidence" that England is the nationality of the anti-Christ. Unfortunately, Daniel 11:18 is referring to Antiochus III (the Great), meaning that the "isles" in that verse are not referring to the British Isles, but to the islands off of Greece. The Bible does not reveal a British monarch as the anti-Christ.

Eventually, the 1993 Accord will be abandoned as anything related to the tribulation period. But the message in all this is not just Jim Searcy, but about the future prophets who will come and mislead the believers in similar ways. It's about you, and what it is that you will swallow as these men come in the Name of God.