The following is from the booklet Bible Versions and Perversions, published by the Radio Bible Class, 1960. The author was the late M.R. DeHaan.

Bible Versions and Perversions

"Since the Bible is a holy book, and in a class all by itself, this separated character should be maintained, and therefore any attempt to secularize it and lower it to the level of other literature by loose and irresponsible versions and translations is using the Word `deceitfully.' It is profaning the Bible. For this very reason, I believe that the Holy Spirit guided the translators of the Authorized Version to give it to us in the reverent, dignified and impressive Shakespearean English, admitted by even worldly scholars to be the finest piece of English literature ever produced. For beauty of style, grammatical perfection and dignified presentation, it has no equal. We are not claiming `inspiration' for the translators in the same sense that the original was inspired, but we do believe the Holy Spirit guided the translators of the Authorized Version to maintain the dignity of its separated place, and to keep it out of and above the area of the secular. The modern attempts to reduce the Bible to the common language of the street is an alarming symptom of an age which has lost its sense of authority and sacredness of the Scriptures. ...

"We sometimes wonder if all of this ["irresponsible handling of Scriptures"] is not laying the groundwork for the Devil's own end-time translation and version, when the Antichrist, the false christ, the Devil- man appears on earth. When this false christ comes, he undoubtedly will have his own bible to refute the Word of God. That translation seems already to be in the process of preparation. In the Oct. 18, 1960, edition of the Springfield, Mass. Union, we read the following alarming bit of news: `Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish scholars, working as a team have begun a new translation of the Scriptures ... it is described as an effort to produce a version acceptable to all faiths ... Commenting on the proposed new Bible, one of its co-sponsors says this great work of combined Catholic, Jewish and Protestant scholarship could turn to be the COMMON Bible we need for theological and ecumenical discussion.'

"Can this be a sign of the times, getting ready for the final translation of the Scriptures by the one who offered Eve the first revised version? Will the Man of Sin soon offer to the world a bible which will offend no one and be accepted as the great victory of ecumenicism and the welding of all religions into one great world church?

"This is the evil fruit of the mounting trend of careless handling of the Word of God, and its bitter fruit as a result is already evident in the fast-declining respect for the Bible and the authority of Scriptures. It makes us cry out with the Apostle John, `How long, O Lord?' (Rev. 6:10)"

(M.R. DeHaan, Bible Versions and Perversions, Radio Bible Class, 1960,)

It is a shame that the Radio Bible Class has not got men with the convictions of M.R. DeHaan today!

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