These are the beliefs of the men greatly responsible for the destruction of the Christian faith in the Greek Text of the Authorized Version, and the infallibility of Gods Word. That they favoured a family of MSS which have a history of attacking and diluting the major doctrines of the Bible, should not come as a surprise.

They were raised under the influence of a campaign by the Jesuits to Re-Romanize England. Wilkenson reports that Hort had been influenced by these Roman Catholic forces: "Dr. Hort tells us that the writings of Simon had a large share in the movement to discredit the Textus Receptus class of MSS and Bibles." (Wilkenson, Benjamin, Our Authorized Bible Vindicated, (Takoma Park, 1930), p. 104.). The sanctioned revision of the A.V. provided them with the opportunity to introduce their radical changes.

Hort: "Also -but this may be cowardice- I have a sort of craving that our text should be cast upon the world, before we deal with matters likely to brand us with suspicion. I mean, a text (Westcott & Hort Greek Text - parenthesis mine ) issued by men already known for what will undoubtedly be treated as dangerous heresy, Will have Great difficulty in finding its way into regions which it might otherwise hope to reach and whence it would not be easily banished by subsequent alarms." (Life, Vol. 1, p. 445)

The Westcott & Hort Greek text did reach places and get accepted where it should not, and woud not have been accepted if they had published their heretical essays before their Greek text. This text is slowly being dislodged, but as Hort said, “not easily” The damage has already been done.

Westcott & Horts New Testament Greek text was published in 1881, as was the Revised Version based upon it. The latter failed to gain lasting popularity, but the Westcott-Hort text and theory has dominated the scene since. Virtually every new Bible version is based upon the corrupt and contradictory Mss. Vaticanus and Sinaiticus. The new Bible movement is the greatest attack of the Devil on the Church in the twentieth century.

Hort: "There is then a reserve yet a fourth method, the elaboration is perhaps Hort’s most original contribution to the science of textual criticism - that is the method of ‘genealogical evidence.’ The principle indeed had been applied to manuscripts by previous scholars, but never so fully developed." (Life, Vol. 2, p. 249)

Many scholars today state unequivocally that Westcott and Hort did not and could not apply the “genealogical” test to the MSS. of the New Testament. In other words, Hort’s great method and its assured results have been proven to be a deception. Scholars of stature have branded Hort’s “assured results” as a fabrication. This is a polite way of saying Hort lied. With this phantom weapon, the “genealogical method”, Hort “slew” the Textus Receptus. His “assured results” were deceptions.


Since the beginning there has been the true church and the false church. Abel who worshiped the Lord with his eye on a blood sacrifice; is said to have “offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain.” Cain had his own idea of how to worship God, without the shedding of blood. His religion worked itself out in the murder of his brother. No doubt the blood atonement also caused him “a twinge of horror” when he talked with Abel. Abel's religion recognized the need for a blood sacrifice, and he was righteous before God, (Note that the sacrifice was offered UNTO GOD: NOT UNTO THE DEVIL.) Cain's religion didn't recognize the need for blood sacrifice.

In the false churches, we have a false Jesus. He is the revolutionary, or the great moral teacher, or the prophet. His diety is always denied.

The religious world races madly after scores of “new and improved” versions of the Bible. The vast majority of which seem to specialize in casting doubts upon the Deity of Christ, His virgin birth, and the blood atonement.

Just as Cult leaders claim to be a new or improved Jesus, the new Bibles claim to be an improvement on the King James Bible. (notice they never claim to be Buddah or Muhammad, and they never claim to be better than NASV or the RSV). Behind the counterfeit church, counterfeit Jesus, and counterfeit Bible is Satan. "Satan which deceiveth the whole world" (Revelation 12:9). In the garden of Eden, “the old Serpent” first cast doubt on the Word of God (Gen 3:1), (notice how Eve added to Gods word in verse 2), and then he put outright denial of the word of God into the mind of Eve. His servants have been changing and denying the word of God ever since. They are all members of the “Yea hath God said?” society (Gen 3:1), and the Serpent is its world president

"When the Son of Man cometh, shall He find faith on the earth?" (Luke 18:8;)

Hort, who could not discern the difference between Mary worship and Jesus worship, yielded himself to secret societies, shuddered at the thought of the atonement by blood, branded by modern scholars as a deceiver, and dabbled in the occult, was deceived by Satan. Hort absorbed some of these terrible errors in his youth:

1865 Nov 4th Hort (age 37) to a friend: "... during the last fifteen years, my thoughts and pursuits have grown and expanded, but not considerably changed."

In Vol. 1, page 400, Hort speaks of “influences” that were working on orthodox men, unknown to themselves, forces which would bring them even as these influences had brought Hort, from the place of evangelical belief in fundamental doctrines, into indescribable confusion and error.


"The errors and prejudices which we agree in wishing to remove, can surely be more wholesomely and also more effectually reached by individual efforts of an indirect kind than by combined open assault. At present very many orthodox but rational men are being unawares acted on by influences which will assuredly bear good fruit in due time. If the process is allowed to go on quietly; but I cannot help fearing that a premature crisis would frighten back many into the merest traditionalism. And as a mere matter of prudence, it seems to me questionable to set up a single broad conspicuous target for the philistines to shoot at, unless there is some very decided advantage to be gained." (Life, Vol. 1, p. 400)

There it is, a plain statement to the effect that Hort was deliberately leading orthodox believers into the same diabolical trap into which he and Westcott had already fallen. This is truly Satanic in every respect, leading souls astray. The twentieth century has seen a flood of orthodox men and women fall into this trap.

Think of the controversy, heartache, and divisions caused by the new Bible versions; and remember that Dr. Hort deliberately deceived his readers. Today instead of the unity of a preacher and congregation reading from one bible, we have the confusion of the many new versions. How many people nowadays can memorize scripture? They have the confusion of multitudes of new versions, each one contradicting the King James Version, and every one contradicting the other in a mad scramble to reach the minds and money of the people of God.


The president of the YEA HATH GOD SAID SOCIETY (Gen 3:1) is Satan. Consciously or unconsciously, multitudes are being influenced by the occult. The plan of the evil one is to depersonalize the bible, shatter it into scores of fragments, and recomposed it in a rational manner.

In the garden of Eden, the Serpent (whom we are told is the Devil. Rev 20:2) destroyed faith in the heart of Eve, and brought evil into the world. He did this by indicating that the actual Word of God, was too difficult for Eve to understand. He would kindly paraphrase it for her. He would help her to understand what God really meant. Can you hear him?

“Now Eve God does not really mean, ‘Thou shalt surely die.’ Let us put that reading in the margin of your Bible. A much older manuscript reads, ‘Ye shall not surely die.’ Now don't you feel better about sin and disobedience? I assure you that I have a very profound knowledge of the ‘original Hebrew’ and that I have majored in Greek, so your descendants can trust the eternal welfare of their never dying souls to my interpretation of what ..."

Since then the theologians he has deceived and used, have ridiculed the virgin birth of Christ, cast doubt upon His bodily resurrection, and shuddered with horror when the precious Blood of Christ is taught as being the very heart of God’s true plan of redemption.

In the time of the end of the age, the devil has brought forth documents and used them to fragment the true Scriptures into scores of variant versions, and at the same time brought in Darwinism, and an occult revival. This he has done in preparation for the rule of His chosen one - the Anti-Christ.

The scholars he used, without any reason, abandoned the testimony of the vast majority of the Greek manuscripts preserved by God. With the church and the world in complete confusion, unable to distinguish just which is the Word of God, he started his end time world religious movements, to draw people away from evangelical fundamental christianity. His next plan is to call for a great new Internationally accepted version, a world Bible, acceptable to all denominations and cultures, for a world religion, a “universal” religious book for all people in the coming “World Federation.” that will be ruled by his chosen world leader. In that book, the deity of the Lord Jesus will be replaced with a false Jesus. One not unlike other founders of religious movements.


Multitudes have been convinced that it is a sign of being an intellectual to follow the theories of scholars that have been deluded. The thought of intellectualism burns so bright that their power of Biblical reasoning has been completely destroyed. What scholar will want to be thought of as not being an intellectual? This is one of the devils greatest weapons. This deception also works for the theory of evolution, as well as the theories of Westcott & Hort.

It is not intellectual for a scholar to accept a theory as if it were a fact. That is stupidity! To teach a theory as if it were a fact is deception!


The erroneous nature of the theories of Westcott & Hort have been so extensive that an increasing number of scholars are admitting those errors, and abandoning in whole or in part, any connection with Westcott and Hort.

The cry of the United Bible Societies and others is now, “The Greek text used in this translation is an eclectic one.” In effect, the translators choose any reading from virtually any manuscript which may secure the approval of the board for that particular reading. In this way Westcott & Hort, who are being thoroughly discredited, do not appear in the picture.

The reader of the new “eclectic” text translations will not have far to read before hearing Westcott & Hort. “Vaticanus,” rescued from the obscurity of the Vatican, and Sinaiticus, rescued in part from a waste paper basket in the monastery of St.Katherine on the slopes of Mt. Sinai, still dominate the thinking of the scholars who claim to be set free from the thinking of Westcott and Hort.

The Textus Receptus, from which we derive our English King James Version, reliably represents the readings of the vast majority of all Greek manuscripts. Any new Bible version has nowhere else to go for manuscripts. Any new Bible version has nowhere else to go for manuscript support, except to Vaticanus and Sinaiticus, plus a very small number of manuscripts which constitute the principal basis for the new versions. Here we come face to face with the preferences and thinking of Westcott & Hort. There is no escape.


God in His mercy is awakening some among the learned. Read Dr. S. Franklin Logsdon Testimony. (a scholar who worked on the introduction to the New American Standard Version and was also on the board of translators of the Amplified Version).

Hort's legacy, which has influence directly or indirectly the huge array of modern Bible versions, has resulted in millions abandoning the true Bible.

NOTE: Capital letters for emphasis throughout the essay are the author’s.



Hort, A.F., Life and Letters of Fenton J.A. Hort, MacMillan and Co., London, 1896, vols. I,II.

Westcott, A., Life and Letters of Brooke Foss Westcott, MacMillan and Co., London, 1903, vols. I,II.


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in to such works. But these two passages also prove that "holy men of God" DID NOT make mistakes of any kind "as they were moved by the Holy Ghost". Also God DID NOT allow mistakes to creep in into the Scriptures even