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Written and Compiled by
BURKE McCARTY, Ex-Romanist

Chapter III
“The Saint Leopold Foundation” Spy System

Owing to the combination of circumstances in Europe just referred to, the autocrats did not dare to “wage open war” on the United States Government since the warning enunciated in the Monroe Doctrine. In 1828 an organization in Vienna was formed which was called the “Saint Leopold Foundation.” The plan was then, to operate under the mask of religion, which would insure its safety from any governmental interference and they hoped to accomplish by intrigue and innuendo what could not be done by bullets and bayonets.

The Hapsburg family of Austria was the most powerful Roman Catholic ruling family in Europe and consequently the most cruel, despotic, and reactionary, and had the American people not been so absorbed in the upbuilding of the Republic, they would have detected the hypocrisy of this “holy” fraud - the Saint Leopold Foundation.

One of the Hapsburg brothers, Prince Rudolph, was a member of the Roman Curia, the Cardinal Rudolph Hapsburg, of Olmutz. It was easy for the Jesuits of the Vatican to operate through him as the agent for the foundation funds which poured into the United States in a stream of gold. Nor did the Vatican furnish all the funds. They were most likely furnished by the “high contracting parties”, of the Holy Alliance and the “secret treaty of Verona”. In short, the immense sums distributer among the bishops and archbishops of the Catholic church in this country in establishing bishoprics in cities where none existed, were used solely as gigantic POLITICAL SLUSH FUNDS to corrupt and ultimately destroy the government and “set up a monarchial” one instead.

One year after the Saint Leopold Foundation had been established, it received the recognition and blessing of the pope. The wonderful generosity [?] of the Hapsburg family was called to his attention. The “blessing” was conveyed at a pontifical high mass in Vienna, January, 1829, at which all of the royalty was in attendance, and the happy occasion was closed by a grand ball in the palace at night.

The scum of Catholic Europe, especially from Ireland, then began pouring into this country from every nook and cranny of that poverty stricken continent; in many cases, their passages being advanced from this “slush fund”.1 The Roman bishops of every large city from New York to San Francisco, then began massing this foreign vote.

Tammany Hall had years before been organized, and from its very inception began a system of political corruption which dominates New York’s politics to this very day. This situation should have staggered the world, but it failed to awaken the American people except in spots.

The massed Roman vote in the cities placed the balance of political power in he hands of the Roman bishops and priests. Intimidation has always been the “big stick” used when any man in public office presumed to oppose the advance of these ecclesiastical “bosses”. With the rapidly increased foreign immigration, these agents of the divine righters of Europe operating through the Jesuits and their lay agents have made progress beyond their wildest dreams. City councils, state legislatures, and even Congress have been browbeaten and bribed. It was boasted within a year that any seat in Congress can be bought for one hundred thousand dollars! Not only so, but some years ago when the Chicago Senator, William Lorimer’s seat was contested, it was made a matter of record that this sum was the purchasing price. A forced resignation followed. It is interesting to note that Mr. Lorimer’s chief witness was a Catholic priest of Chicago, who testified, according to the Associated Press reports, that a penitent of his, had acknowledged in the confessional, that he had libeled Mr. Lorimer. The said penitent was not named, of course. 2

A few months after Mr. Lorimer’s resignation, the press dispatches notified us that he “had been received into the Catholic Church” with great acclaim. I cite this one case to merely to emphasize my point.
The Saint Leopold Foundation is a great Jesuit Spy System which is not confined to the ecclesiastics of the Roman church, but embraces every element of society, from the private secretary of the President in the White House, to the Catholic servant girl employed in Protestant American families, Nor, indeed, is restricted to Roman Catholics, for the Jesuits do not hesitate to use non-Catholic tools whenever it is possible. In fact, they prefer them, for in this way attention is distracted from them. In case of failure it is always preferable to use non-Catholics.

The priest, of every parish in the country is the kingpin in this web of spying, and reports regularly to his bishop every item of interest, directly or indirectly and in turn, the bishop to his archbishop, the archbishop to the cardinal and the cardinal to the pope. The confessional box is the Roman clearing house, whereby the Pope keeps his finger on the pulse of the world.

It is a strange thing to know that no matter how densely ignorant a Roman priest may be, that is on any subject outside the things bearing on his church, that priest knows perfectly the psychology of every non-Romanist of any prominence in his district. He knows his mental attitude toward the Romish church; he knows what the man will think and do under certain circumstances; he particularly knows if he is friendly or unfriendly to the Roman church; he knows the extent of his wealth, and if the party is of enough importance in the community, he knows the most intimate details and conduct of his private live. The man, on the other hand, knows little or nothing of the parish priest. More than likely, if he was asked, he would say that he was the Catholic priest of such a parish. If it happened to be in a town where the Catholic population was small and of no social or political importance, this would express the limit of his knowledge. If, on the other hand, he was politically ambitious and alert, the priest would be one of the first with whom he would ingratiate himself, for most of the politicians have learned to realize the political advantage of an organized vote.

The sources of information which the Roman priest can tap are almost unlimited and unknown to the ordinary layman outside that corporation. The Leopoldines are honeycombed in every avenue of civic, state, and national life. There are, to begin with, the police departments of the various cities, ninety per cent of whom I may, I think, conservatively say, are Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus. They are always at the beck and call of the hierarchy. Their chief duty as “Catholic citizens” is to obey their bishops and the Holy See. “As God Himself”. [See Leo XIIIth’s Great Encyclical on page 192.]

Then there are their Jesuit college graduates in every state, who are especially trained as expert spies.
If any man holding a political position refuses to prostitute that position, by yielding to the demands of the Romish priests, and persists in his stand, they use their blackmail threats, if they cannot accomplish their purpose in any other way, for, “Any means to an end” is the Jesuit motto. If there is no such knowledge in their possession by which to discredit or frighten him, they do not hesitate to set their traps for him, and should this fail, they are fortified to resort to what is known in common parlance as a “frame-up” which is an easy matter through their “red-light” affiliations. Many a good man has been driven from public life by this route. Many a man in politics this moment, is a subservient tool of the Roman priests, because he fears the physical violence of their arson and murder gangs, or that they may drag out some family skeleton to discredit him.

I am aware that these are harsh sayings, but the truth is very often shocking.
The principal branches of the Leopoldines, still operating in this country under various titles, are: The German Catholic Central Verein, with headquarters in St. Louis and Detroit; The Third Order of St. Francis, which bids fair to supplant, outwardly at least, the original organization; The Catholic Laymen’s Council, the League of the Sacred Heart, and the Catholic Women’s Council. These organizations are all branches of the Leopoldines’ Spy System.

To name one incident in which the ramification of this spy system may be seen, I call to the mind of those of my readers who read the Menace, published at Aurora, MO, some years ago, when the editor of the Melting Pot, Mr. Tichener, accompanied by Mr. Marvin Brown, editor of the Menace, located fifty thousand cancelled envelops which the Menace Publishing Company had sold to a junk dealer - as is the custom of publishers - in the offices of the German Catholic Central Verein at St. Louis, Mo.

The Menace ran a cut made from the snapshots which they had taken of these editors, inside the offices of the SPY headquarters, surrounded by bales of the Menace envelops which Mr. Brown was about to appropriate, and succeeded in doing so, a fact which demonstrated that the Jesuits have not a corner on the market when it comes to cleverness. The Aurora paper had for months been receiving complaints from its subscribers to the effect that they were being persecuted, and if in business, boycotted in their home towns by Roman Catholics, and it had been puzzling the editors as to the avalanche of complaints coming from all direction until the discovery of the big consignment of cancelled envelopes, a large proportion of which had the return addresses on them. It was by this means that the list was procured. The time, put a stop to the inquisition for the most part. This was an attack upon FREE PRESS which these Leopoldines were pledged to execute.

This great Spy System penetrates every avenue of social life. The field of journalism has been invaded until a Roman Catholic sits at many important editorial desks of great newspapers, from coast to coast. They fill the reportorial staffs and other departments in the front offices and it goes without saying that the presses, composing rooms and other mechanical departments are dominated by them.
These Spies are members of all the important commissions, public works, school boards, library boards, housing commissions, naturalizations departments, and are even active members of “Americanization” Committees.

Yes, I shall go farther and say, that I doubt if thee is ever an assemblage of the ministers of any Protestant church in this country that meets without the presence of the Leopoldines. Our state universities and Protestant universities are honeycombed with them. Roman priests hold professorships in several state universities! On every text book committee selected to pass on the books to be used in our public schools, sits a Roman priest, or his personal representative. He is there for the purpose of seeing to it that every truth derogatory to the Roman Catholic church is eliminated and every thing that will in any way reflect credit upon that institution is incorporated. This explains why it is that the extent of the knowledge of the facts leading up to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln has been carefully suppressed so that the extent of the knowledge about this greatest of all tragedies in the history of our country does not exceed these words:

“President Lincoln was assassinated in Ford’s Theatre, April 14th, 1865 by an actor named John Wilkes Booth. Andrew Johnson was immediately sworn into office.”

The one point upon which the Roman church is and has always been exceedingly “broad” is in regard to its members in the saloon and red-light districts of the cities.

Have you ever asked yourself how it comes that a large majority of the proprietors of the whiskey places and brothels are members of that church in good standing? Did you ever hear of a saloon keeper being excommunicated by the church of Rome? Have you any knowledge of any female member of the underworld having had the anathemas of Rome hurled at her head? I think not. I will tell you some of the reasons why. A large part of the enormous income of the Catholic church reaches it through these channels.

The church of Rome has for centuries been a large manufacturer of wine, liquors, and beers. The most expensive European wines are made by the monks and nuns of that church. The finest champagne, for instance, is manufactured by the Carthusian Monks. “Benedictine” that beverage of hell, the sole purpose of which is intended to increase prostitution, was concocted by a monk of the Benedictine order eleven centuries ago. He was later created a cardinal by the Pope for the valuable “service” which he thereby rendered his “Holy” church.

The cross is blown in the glass of every bottle of Benedictine; the coat of arms of the order is impressed upon the wax which seals it, and the Latin motto dedicates it “To God, the purest and the best”.
Fifty per cent of the wines manufactured in the United States was made in California and about fifty per cent of this was manufactured by the Roman Catholic church in its monasteries in that State. To illustrate: At Los Gatos the Jesuit Fathers “Novitiate of the Sacred Heart” conducted a large winery in which three special brands of wine were made, “Villa St. Joseph” was described in their advertising as “A dry white wine, pleasant flavor, delicate taste.”

“’Novitiate’ - a heavy bodied, sweet, rich, mellow fragrance, does not need to be bottled. One hundred gallons at $39.00. New Revenue tax ten cents a gallon, or two cents per bottle.”

“Retail store - Pure Altar Wine Company, East Dubuque, IL.”

The above is from the advertisement which goes on to tell us that its purpose is to:

“supply Reverent clergy in the North West States and Mississippi Valley, Rev. Walter F. Thornton, S. J. [Society of Jesus, or Slick Jesuit] Rector of Novitiate of the Sacred Heart. Appointed F. M. Rhonberg, Agent on personal recommendation of His Grace, Archbishop of Dubuque, Iowa.”

The following letter is official and will explain itself:

“St. Mary’s Cathedra,
1100 Franklin St.
San Francisco, California

To whom it may concern:

“Having appointed the Rev. D. O. Crowley Superior of St. Joseph’s Agricultural Institute, to superintend the making of altar wines, I commend the wine made under his supervision at the Beaulieu Vineyard, and vouch for its absolute purity.

[Signed] Edward J. Hanna,
Archbishop of San Francisco”

I wish to digress further by saying that the sale of these wines was not confined to the clergy. Their retail stores in all of the large cities were opened for anyone to purchase from. At this St. Joseph’s Agricultural Institute near Napa, California, a large part of the work was done by children - waifs, orphans, and half orphans, Priest D. O. Crowley, the “big” ecclesiastical boss of the politics of San Francisco, gathers in through the Juvenile Court and elsewhere to his institution known as the “Catholic Youths’ Directory” which occupies one of the highest knobs overlooking San Francisco in what is known as the Mission District. These boys, ranging from ten to eighteen years old are shipped every so often up to St. Joseph’s Institute where they are supposed to spend their “vacation” helping to manufacture the wine.

Priest Crowley, bye the bye, has been for several years president of the Public School Playground Commission, appointed by Mayor Jas. Rolph, who is not a Roman Catholic, but I am sorry to say, a member of the Masonic Fraternity. I cite this example to show how non-Romanists are utilized as Leopoldines.
Just one more instance of the connection between “Wets” and the Roman Catholic church. Twenty-one brewing, wineries, and distilling companies of Chicago, Illinois, contributed twenty thousand two hundred and fifty dollars as their gift to the Roman Catholic “Charities” in a drive which Archbishop Mundelein launched in 1918, just previous to the November election Political Slush Fund -[“Charity covers a multitude of sins.”]


The courtesan has always securely held her position in the Roman church. In the Tenth Century two infamous courtesans, one the mother of a Pope, held sway in Rome where they helped to make and unmake popes. The two most eminent Catholic modern historians, the Rev. Doctors John Alzop and Ludwig Pastor, are authority for startling facts pertaining to these women and their influence with the Papacy. Dr. Alzop said,

"Marozia, was one of the infamous daughters of the infamous courtesan, Theodora, the Elder. Maarozia had Pope John Xth thrown into prison and put to death in order to have her son who reigned as Pope John the XIth, placed on the Pontifical throne. Pope John the XIth was throughout his whole reign, subject to the baneful influence of either his mother or brother" [See Alzog's Universal Church History, Vol. 2, page 293 and 296.]

Vanozza, a married woman, the mistress of Pope Alexander VIth,3 the occupant of the pontifical throne in 1492, when Columbus didn't discover America, was the mother of his four children, Caesar, Juan, Jofre, and Lucrezia, who were afterward legitimatized by Papal Bulls.This documentary evidence found in the secret archives of the Vatican is quoted by the above Catholic historians. During the early years of the pontificate of Alexander VIth, Vanozza occupied a palace close to the Latern palace - the first Vatican - which the Pope had built for her, and in this residence the most brilliant social functions were held, presided over by his recognized affinity.


It is not exaggerating to say that thee is not a city in the United States today but what the members of a large quota of its demimonde are faithful devotees of the Romish church who ply their profession very day in the week but who would not think of missing mass on Sunday.

One of the most notorious women in Indianapolis, some years ago, was "Jennie Daly" the keeper of houses of ill repute within a gun shot of the courthouse in that city.

Her flagrant association with a prominent lumber-man, a man of family for years, Warren Tate, whose business was close to the redlight district where this coarse featured female held sway, and who ultimately separated him from his family. In the early eighties Tate, who was a bad tempered, abusive man was twitted about his affinity by a man named Love during he progress of some litigation in which they were engaged. The incident occurred in the court room. Tate told Mr. Love he would "kill" him for that remark. He hurried out, went to his mill nearby, got his revolver and shot Love to death as he was coming down the court house steps.

As the threat was made in the presence of witnesses, Tate who was arrested for murder in the first degree, had to use the bulk of his fortune during the sensational trial which followed, to save his nectk.

Public opinion, naturally was highly in the favor of the prosecution and it was an open secret that Jennie Daly spent ninety thousand dollars of her money in Tate's defense, and that she finally threatened everyone connected with the case that if he was convicted she would, "tell all she knew". Strange as it may seem, the murderer was allowed to go free.

During all these years Jennie Daly was a regular attendant at the Roman Catholic church, and was a generous donor. She finally, after amassing a large fortune, "retired from business", purchased a pretentious residence in a respectable part of the city, and she and Tate married and lived there. At this time she was a per-holder in St. Joseph's Catholic church. After some years Tate was taken ill, and faithful daughter of the church that she was, she called in the parish priest who formally received this man into its fold. He was buried in a conspicuous place in the Catholic cemetery south of that city where his widow erected a beautiful monument to his memory. In a few years she followed. She was given all the "consolations" within the gift of the Romish church, and at the Requiem Mass at which she was buried the eulogy which the priest delivered over this notorious prostitute aroused the indignation of many of the decent, respectable parishioners. The dust of the righteous mingles with that of these two scandalous characters, for were they not "obedient children of the Holy Mother Church"? The only unforgivable sin in the Romish corporation is to tell the truth about it. Jennie Daly proved herself to have been a useful devotee, generous and faithful to the end, and was so rewarded.

In San Francisco the "Jennie Daly" happens to be a Spanish woman in close proximity to one of the large churches there, who may be seen hurrying to early mass on almost any Sunday morning. In San Francisco, however, I might say there are hundreds of the demi monde devotees of the church. So I might go on, ad lib, ad nauseum.

I wish my readers to get a true estimate of the ramifications of this wicked system which is responsible for the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. You must remember that some of the most valuable information is poured into the listening ear of the Romish priest in the confessional box by this route. You must know the real significance of what they mean when they tell you that they intend to "Make America Catholic". You cannot defeat an enemy which you do not understand. You can never have a conviction strong enough to stir you to fight this common enemy of ours, unless you do, and this is the motive of the writer.

The clean, pure, upright life, public and private, of Abraham Lincoln, was his protection from these Leopoldines. There never was an act of his that would have placed this great American in their power. This fact alone was sufficient to merit their implacable hatred, and it did. And now let us hasten on and trace the soft

by Dr. Ron Powell

1 Literally millions of Roman Catholics came to America in the 1800 and early 30 years of the 1900s. Many of their tickets were paid for by the Roman Catholic church knowing that they would be voting for Catholic officials running for public offices. The plan is to slowly change the laws of America so that when every one awakens they will be under a murderous Catholic dictatorship!

2 The priest was lying trying to make the public believe that someone had made up the story on the official. Hoping that he would not be convicted and have to resign or be jailed for secretly working for the interests of the Catholic Church and not the American people!

3 That is not all either. For there was a woman who was Pope! A devout Roman Catholic historian named Martin or Troppau [also known as Martinus Polonus or Martin the Pole] in his monumental Chronicon Pontificum Et Imperatorum, or History Of The Popes And Emperors,  says that after Leo the Fourth ruled, from 847 to 853, that:

“After the aforesaid Leo, John, an Englishman by descent, who came from Mainz, held the See [ruled as Pope] two years, five months, and four days. And the pontificate was vacant one month. He died at Rome. He, it is asserted, was a woman, And having been in youth taken by her lover to Athens in man’s clothes, she made such progress in various sciences that there was nobody equal to her. So that afterwards lecturing on the Trivium, at Rome, she had great masters for her disciples and hearers. And for as much as she was in great exteem in the city, both for her life and her learning, she was unanimously elected Pope.

But while pope she became pregnant by the person with whom she was intimate. But not knowing the time of her delivery, while going from St. Peter’s to the Lateran, being taken in labor, she brought forth a child between the Coliseum and St. Clement’s’s church. And afterwards dying [Ron Powell’s note: it was said they stoned her to death] she was it was said, buried in that place. And because the Lord Pope always turns aside from that way, there are some who are fully persuaded that it is done in detestation of the fact. Nor is she put in the catalogue of the Popes, as well on account of her female sex, as on account of the foul nature of the transaction.” [See The Woman Who Was Pope, by Clement Wood, published by William Faro, Inc., copyright by William Faro, Inc., New York City, 1931, pp.14-15.]

Lest anyone doubt the probable truthfulness of Martin’s statement written back in the 13th century let me say that he was made an Archbishop in the Catholic church. [See The Woman Who Was Pope, by Clement Wood, published by William Faro Inc., copyright by William Faro Inc., 1931, pp.13-14.]
Pope Joan, as she was know later, was pope from 853 A.D. until 855 A.D.

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