Suppose you're reading a science fiction story in which the author has concocted the following scenario. Morning newspapers carried banner headlines and articles about a startling scientific discovery. An eminent group of scientists from the National Institutes of Health produced life from nonliving material. The articles also state that millions and millions of years ago this is how life was first produced on our planet.

Shortly after this news broke, there were special radio and TV programs featuring the world's foremost scientists. These authorities gave extensive details of this major scientific accomplishment. It's estimated, in less than three days, over four billion individuals were exposed to these scientific pronouncements.

This fictional account claims that one such group lives in a cave in the Rocky mountains. However, it's "obvious" that these people are demented for they reject this major scientific achievement. They adhere to their personal belief that human beings evolved from vegetables. Further, it's alleged, that these vegetables were deposited on our planet by a group of highly intelligent aliens. These human "seeds," so to speak, were supposedly planted only 100,000 years ago near a lake in Texas. These cave dwellers have held this belief ever since they secluded themselves.

It's clear to many observers that these modern cave dwellers are just plain "crazy." They refuse to accept these scientific statements as valid, they refuse to change there beliefs. But since they don't venture much beyond their cave and don't seem to bother our civilized society, the state police is not inclined to move them to the proper mental institution for observation and care.

Before continuing your reading, you think about this fictional situation for a few moments. Maybe they're not totally demented. Maybe there's some other reason why this group believes in such an absurd possibility, especially since science has proved them wrong.

As the story continues, you're told that their minds are being controlled by their seven foot tall leader. Whatever it says they believe, for it has some sort of ability to alter their thought patterns. They claim their leader came to Earth and landed in its space ship some 110 miles from the north pole, and it's actually "growing" a small number of personal aids from seed pods.

There's one more interesting aspect to this scenario. These strange cave dwellers actually claim that everyone else's mind is warped and controlled in one way or another, that all the world, except them, has been deceived and "evilly" brainwashed by its scientific leaders. As they say, "Many of you have given up or altered your own strongly held beliefs in light of various scientific statements. Isn't it true that once you believed that human life may have simply popped into existence or was made from the dust of the ground? This shows clearly how your minds are being controlled."

Of course, this entire story is fiction and no part of it could occur in reality, could it? I mean, in the real world, individuals that contradict established scientific fact must have some type of mental problem or their minds must be controlled by some very powerful force. However, what if, in reality, the converse is true as claimed by the cave dwellers? If, indeed, your mind is being controlled, then who or what is doing the controlling, how is it being done, and why? Is it even remotely possible that there exists an insidious campaign by powerful scientific organizations and charismatic scientific "authorities" to deceive you, to control your freedom of mental choice, to destroy your personal philosophy and to rob you of your hard earned money?

With respect to the portrayed scientific pronouncements, is it really possible to know, by acceptable scientific means, how life began on Earth, how life evolved, how the Earth or our universe was formed? What, if anything, can the radiation that falls upon us from outer space tell us about the formation of the cosmos?

The purpose of this book is not just to answer all of these questions accurately but to do so in a manner that you can easily understand. I'll present some of the most startling scientific conclusions you've ever read - conclusions that can be verified.

What are these "startling" scientifically derived conclusions? Well, you could start reading this book at chapter 8 - the last chapter - where some of the most remarkable of these conclusions can be found. Unfortunately, you'll also find there various terms and expressions that will prove to be unfamiliar. Indeed, half of this book is my attempt to make all of these new terms and expressions very familiar so that you'll truly appreciate what chapter 8 implies. Further, this book is actually a "simplification" of my original 1991 book, entitled simply "Your Endangered Mind," a book filled with great but slightly more technical stuff.

In chapter 1, I'll explain how scientists communicate and how such communication is often purposely chosen to force on you false information that masquerades as scientific fact. This erroneous information has a mind controlling effect since, among other things, it might require you to abandon incorrectly your personal beliefs. I'll give examples of how some scientists and science reporters incorrectly and purposely, I think, use a positive language in their descriptions of scientific conclusions. These linguistic procedures can only be characterized as lies for I don't assume that these scientists and science reporters (the science writers) are stupid or lack the appropriate knowledge.

In chapter 2, I'll show you how scientific discourse has changed over the years, and that such discourse is based upon collections of what are called self-evident statements that can't be scientifically verified. Indeed, you'll see how different groups of scientists can selected contradictory self-evident statements and each group can still apply the so-called scientific method. But some scientists linguistically mold certain statements in such a fashion that they appear to represent fact when in reality the statements are either false or have no truth value. I'll show you philosophies that some scientists are forcing on you without you being aware of their insidious intentions. I'll show you how under certain circumstances you'll be required to accept science fiction as fact and change your personal beliefs or suffer grave consequences.

Many examples from scientific and philosophic literature, from TV programs and the like are given in chapter 3. These show specifically how your thinking is being controlled and truth completely distorted. I also show how I've attempted to warn the scientific community, either directly or through scientific publications, about their incorrect use of scientific communication. I'll give you evidence that shows how science reporters are actually communicating false conclusions while they purposely ignore and don't report upon the truth. Remember that these are the individuals who you assume are truthfully reporting scientific conclusions in your newspapers or news magazines. Using this chapter as a guide, you should be able to translate many of the so-called scientific statements you see in popular scientific literature or on TV into the correct statements. This will help you avoid these mind controlling influences and reject much of the "garbage" to which you're exposed.

So as not to hide the methods I've used to obtain the chapter 8 conclusions, I begin in chapter 4 explanations for the basic concepts, terms and expressions needed to fully understand my research findings. I present many of the startling conclusions of my research and explain their meanings. I'll explain in a simple language that you'll easily understand how scientists use mathematics to help create their speculative theories. This chapter ends with a further discussion of the significance of these startling conclusions and presents another research finding that will alter your perception of actually what can be learned from theoretical science.

In chapters 5 and 6, I lead you carefully, step-by-step, through the history of how these, if I may say so myself, remarkable discoveries were made. I introduce more of the necessary concepts, terms, expressions and specific methods I've used. I don't want anything hidden from you as to how these results are obtained. You'll easily understand how these new research finding were obtained and explore the actual processes used to create the MA-model.

The possible force-like processes that may have produced our universe, our Earth, and even you and me are discussed in chapter 7. These same processes lead to an ultimate grand unification of all of the physical sciences. In the last section of this chapter, I discuss all of the properties that lead to the startling conclusions in chapter 8. And I'm convinced that you're capable of understanding everything I've written in these chapters.

And now you're ready, you've acquired the language and concepts necessary to delve into chapter 8. In this chapter, you meet some the truly wondrous properties of the MA-model. This model, created by scientific means, now frees you from the devastating mind controlling influences often purposely promoted by the communication media. Further, you'll learn exactly how much can be scientifically known about how life began on Earth, how our the solar system was formed, even how our universe came into being and, much, much more. It's the conclusions in this chapter that many scientists don't want you to read.

In order to aid your comprehension as much as possible, the main text contains useful illuatrations and is followed by an extensive glossary. Now if you're a member of that small group of individuals who have a fixed immutable mind-set that dictates that what acclaimed scientists say is true and beyond doubt, then you'll have a difficult time comprehending certain portions of this book. But if you're open minded and appropriately critical, then I'm convinced you'll gain much needed knowledge from my exposition.

Your author has been sternly warned, under extreme penalty, not to present these research findings to you. I've not been deterred by these threats for these discoveries have had a profound affect upon me personally. I feel they'll also significantly influence you and all of humanity. Moreover, as a conscientious scientist, I've no choice but to present the facts to you. This I'll do immediately after I thank a few individuals for their aid in making this publication possible.

Now who is it that I'm going to thank for their help in publishing this book? Certainly not the many, many literary agents who, after receiving a synopsis of this book, found it "to hot" to handle. After all, when these results become widely known, any who may have aided me might lose their most influential clients and, more importantly, the fees they would receive. Obviously, today, money matters win out over truth. I also presented a synopsis of this book to the hundreds of literary agents and publishers who subscribe to the computer network called The Literary Connection. But since the publishing industry, in all of its forms, is one of the major forces behind these deceitful tactics; indeed, one of the major contributors to one of the greatest lies of the century, it goes without saying that these publishers have ignored my plea for help. I can't wait any longer. This information must be made available as soon as possible. Thus I've decided to publish this book on the Internet.

So, I can only thank two of my daughters, Diana and Laura, and their mother for the aid and comfort they have given me over the past many years. Also, there is The Institute for Mathematics and Philosophy that has allowed me to use its equipment and, especially, its postal office box for this project. Finally, I thank you for reading this book and "spreading the word," I hope, to many other individuals so that they too can fight against and overcome the insidious international mind controlling conspiracy I've detailed in the first four chapters.

Robert A. Herrmann
January, 1994
Annapolis, Maryland

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