Billy Graham Endorses New Age Billionaire Occultist

Sir John Templeton

In 1982, Billy Graham was awarded the Templeton Prize for "progress in religion". This award is currently the highest paid in the world, at an estimated 1 Million US dollars. In return, Billy Graham then endorsed Sir John Marks Templeton's heretical books in "Christianity Today" magazine.

Billy Graham receiving the 'payoff' from Freemason Prince Philip.

Denslow's 10,000 Famous Freemasons also lists Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh as a Mason.
"Philip was initiated in Navy Lodge No.2612 of London on Dec 5, 1952. Present at the initiation were the Earl of Scarbrough, grand master, q.v., and Geoffrey Fisher, archbishop of Canterbury." (Vol 2 p6)

Other recipents of the Templeton award include Charles Colson (1993) and Bill Bright (1996). The price has gone up for betrayal since Judas' day, hasn't it!

Discovering the Laws of Life

John Marks Templeton
Foreword by Norman Vincent Peale

“Truly a legend in our time, John Templeton understands that the real measure of a person’s success in life is not financial accomplishment but moral integrity and inner character.”

—Billy Graham

“This is a book that belongs to the list of seminal publications of the twentieth century. How grateful the world will be that John Templeton has shared his secret openly, forthrightly, packed with integrity and healing powers.”

—Robert Schuller

6 x 9, 320 pages, 0-8264-0861-3, $14.95, pbk
Translations: Russian 1995, Spanish 1996
Italian 1996 Portuguese 1996
Formerly published by Continuum/1994

The above is the book authored by John Marks Templeton entitled "Discovering the Laws of Life." draws from "sacred scriptures of the world and various schools of philosophical thought, as well as from scientists, artists, historians, and others". Templeton Prize winner, Sir Sigmund Sternberg, one of the world's foremost advocates of improved inter-religious relations, co-founder of The Three Faiths Forum and Chairman of the Executive Committee of The International Council of Christians and Jews, says that, "This book holds the key-the gathered wisdom of many faiths." The book is forwarded by 33rd Degree Freemason Norman Vincent Peale, and Christianity Today (4/24/94) placed an advertisment for this book including quotes from 33rd Degree Freemason Robert Schuller, and Billy Graham (see above).

One extract from this book states that, to believe that Christ is the only way to heaven is dogmatism and pride. Templeton declares: "[T]he basic principles for leading a 'sublime life'... may be derived from any religious tradition, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and others, as well as Christian" (pages 6-7).

Another New Age teaching which we can attribute to John is the false doctrine that God is within all people and that there is no sinful nature in mankind.
Our inate goodness is an essential fact of our existance. When we percieve this truth we will experience Heaven on Earth - peace and the presence of God within honest and true. Love all parts of yourself, the GODHEAD within you."

Templeton neopagan views were first introduced to the church and promoted to evangelicals in 1986 by Robert Schuller, who continues to endorse him. Schuller's Possibilities magazine put Templeton's picture on its front cover, and its major article in that issue was an interview with Templeton. In it he expressed his Unity/Religious Science/New Age beliefs: "Your spiritual principles attract prosperity to you... material success... comes... from being in tune with the infinite.... The Christ spirit dwells in every human being whether the person knows it or not... nothing exists except God." (Possibilities, Summer 1986, pp 8-12).

Another Masonic connection is that John Marks Templeton is a Rhodes Scholar. Rhodes scholarships were founded by Cecil Rhodes who was a Freemason according to the Masonic reference book called "Denslow's 10,000 Famous Freemasons". (Vol IV page 29-30) Many Masons that have been in a powerful position in society are also Rhodes scholars such as Bob Hawke the ex-PM of Australia, and Bill Clinton to name but a few. Cecil Rhodes was a member of the Illuminati and a friend of the Masonic Rothchild family.

“John Templeton’s life has been marked by an inspirational series of financial, business, and personal successes. His most important legacy, however, is his firm conviction that we are all spiritual beings. Sir John’s life has embraced the idea that mind, body, and spirit are one.” —Laurance S. Rockefeller

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