Billy Liar

Billy Frank Graham began his evangelistic ministry in 1947. As his crusades grew his position on many fundamental truths completely changed. People he would not originally associate with became his allies. After warning about Communism, Catholicism and Ecumenism being the enemies of the gospel, he then began praising them. The more he compromised, the more famous and loved he became. "Whosoever, therefore, will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God." (James:4:4).

Billy Graham is loved and respected by the whole world. He even has his own star on the "Hollywood Sidewalk of Fame." He heads a $101 million evangelistic empire, and his company owns a 1500 acre training center (which includes an inn and youth camp), used to train people in Graham-style evangelism. If you speak out about people like Billy Graham, the world, your pastor, and fellow Christians, will quickly turn against you. You quickly find out where their allegiance lies.

Change One - Apostates

On December 27th, 1951, in a letter to Chester Tulga responding to criticism, Graham said, "If you are going to hurl stones, hurl them at the modernists. My separation and my theology has not veered one iota from that of W.B. Riley" ('Billy Graham and The Church of Rome' p.40 by Paisley).

In a letter to Dr. Bob Jones Sr. in 1952, Billy Graham wrote, "We have never had a man on our [crusade] committee that denied the virgin birth, the vicarious atonement, or the bodily resurrection." In 1955 Billy Graham said to Dr. John R. Rice: "I will never have anybody take a place of authority or responsibility in my campaign who is not sound in the great fundamentals of the faith." In Eternity magazine, 1958, Graham said, "If a man blatantly denies the deity of Christ or that Christ has come in the flesh, we are not to even bid him godspeed. Thus, the Scriptures teach that we are to be separated from those who deny the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am to treat him as an Anti-christ and an enemy of the cross."

Apostate Leslie Weatherhead was on Billy Graham's Crusade Platform in London 1954. Dr. Weatherhead was an apostate who wrote in his book, The Christian Agnostic, that, Mary was no virgin, but a temple prostitute, and the Lord Jesus Christ was born an illegitimate child, as a result of sexual relations between Mary and the priest Zacharias. This heretical notion that Jesus Christ was born out of wedlock is a common New Age teaching. Some New Age authors have even gone so far as to say that the father was a Roman soldier. A speaker allows only dignitaries with whom he agrees to sit on the platform while he is speaking. Just sitting on the platform with Graham signifies that Graham was conferring honor and acceptance on Weatherhead. In the "United Church Observer", 1st July 1966, Dr. Graham commended Dr. Leslie Weatherhead.

In the 1957, New York crusade, Billy Graham had Henry Pitt Van Dusen, President of Union Theological Seminary take a place of responsibility and authority. U.S. News wrote that Van Dusen's school was "one of the most liberal and left-wing schools in America." Yet for all this, they wrote that "Dr. Van Dusen is considered by Graham as a great religious leader."

At the San Francisco Crusade, 1959, Billy Graham honored the episcopal Bishop James A. Pike by having him on the platform and asking him to lead in prayer. Billy Graham also appeared at Grace Cathedral with Pike. Pike had written in LOOK magazine, expressing himself as not believing in the fundamentals of the faith. In a pastoral letter that was to be read in all the Episcopal Churches of his diocese, he stated that "Religious myth is one of the avenues of faith and has an important place in the communication of the Gospel." He spoke of the "myth of the Garden of Eden." and said, "The virgin birth... is a myth which churchmen should be free to accept or reject..." Bishop Pike once said, "I have abandoned ship on the doctrine of the Trinity' 'I have jettisoned the doctrine of the virgin birth of Jesus Christ". ('Christian Beacon' Mar. 17th 1955).

At the Los Angeles Crusade, in 1963, Graham had United Methodist Bishop, Gerald B. Kennedy as chairman of the crusade committee. Kennedy wrote in one of his books: "I believe that the testimony of the New Testament taken as a whole is against the doctrine of the deity of Jesus." Kennedy has denied just about every one of the fundamentals of the Christian faith. His printed endorsement is found on the jacket of Nels Ferre's book, The Sun and the Umbrella. In this book Ferre said, "Jesus never was nor became God.". Ferre says the idea of Christ's pre-existence "is the nature of the grand myth which at its heart is idolatry." On August 21, 1963, Graham said, "Bishop Kennedy is one of the ten greatest Christian preachers in America."

Norman Vincent Peale

In 1945, Peale and his wife started Guideposts magazine; which has probably the largest circulation of any religious magazine. Peale also pastored New York City's Marble Collegiate Church for 52 years (a Protestant Dutch Reformed church founded in 1628). When he arrived to pastor it in 1932, the membership was 600, by the time he retired in 1984, it had grew to over 5,000. Peale's weekly radio program, "The Art of Living," was broadcast on NBC for 54 years, and his life was the subject of a 1964 movie entitled One Man's Way.

In 1937, Peale established a clinic with Freudian psychiatrist Dr. Smiley Blanton in the basement of the Marble Collegiate Church. Blanton had undergone psychoanalysis by Freud himself in Vienna in 1929, 1935, 1936, and 1937. The clinic was described as having "a theoretical base that was Jungian, with a strong evidence of neo- and post-Freudianism" (Carol V.R. George, God's Salesman: Norman Vincent Peale and the Power of Positive Thinking , p. 90). In 1951 it became known as the American Foundation for Religion and Psychiatry, and contained more than 20 psychiatric doctors and psychologically-trained "ministers,". In 1972, it merged with the Academy of Religion and Mental Health to form the Institutes of Religion and Health (IRH). Peale remained affiliated with the IRH as president of the board and chief fund raiser until his death. It was Peale who pioneered the merger of theology and psychology which became known as Christian Psychology.

In 1940, Peale also formed the psychologically-oriented "Foundation for Christian Living," which in 1988 purchased Eternity magazine; by the end of that year, Eternity had ceased to exist.

Norman Vincent Peale, a 33rd degree Mason was the person most responsible for bringing psychology into the professing Church, particularly the false gospel of self-esteem (positive thinking). He also advocated such New Age/occult teachings as visualization/positive imaging, pantheism, human potential, positive confession, positive thinking, etc. He died on the 24th Dec 1993, aged 95, and had written more than 46 books, the most popular being, The Power of Positive Thinking , written in 1952, which sold more than 20 million copies in 41 languages.

His Positive Imaging book teaches visualization and other occultic/New Age ideas. A review in the 6/21/93 Christianity Today of a new biography of Peale mentions four "conversion" experiences. It said his key formula was "Picturize, prayerize, actualize." Though calling Peale "a devout Christian who injected vitality into a church that was losing touch with ordinary Americans," the article also said: "Peale always believed his message was biblical, but it lacked much reference to sin, to atonement, or ... to an incarnation. The Christ he preached was very like Alcoholics Anonymous founder Bill Wilson's ambiguous Higher Power." The Christianity Today reviewer thought it revealing that Peale devoted nearly all his time after retirement to motivational speaking at business meetings, and concluded that "the church of Pealism ultimately requires only the lively spirits of a banquet room" (7/15/93 Calvary Contender ).

On the Phil Donahue Show, in 1984, he said, "It's not necessary to be born again. You have your way to God, I have mine. I found eternal peace in a Shinto shrine." (cf. Jn. 3:3). (Shintoism is an ancient Oriental religion that fuses ancestor worship with mysticism.)

He also said, "I've been to Shinto shrines and God is everywhere. ... Christ is one of the ways! God is everywhere. ... Just so we think good thoughts and just so we do good, we believe we'll get to heaven" (cf. John 14:6). (Reported in the 12/14/84 Sword of the Lord .)

Peale also denied the necessity of believing in the virgin birth, and maintained that Jews, Muslims, and other non-Christians worship the true God, and that a person must do good works to get to heaven. Peale did not believe that Christ was eternal God, and thereby, he rejected the Christian doctrine of sin, did not believe that Jesus Christ's sacrifice atoned for sin, and did not believe in the physical resurrection of Christ. In Peale's writings, God is never presented as Judge, nor even as Savior--he defined religion as: "... a scientific methodology for thinking your way through problems" (Stay Alive All Your Life , p. 147). To Peale, there was no such thing as true religion or even moralism, only self-esteem, self-help, and self-recovery. Peale's "faith" was not faith in God, but "faith in faith," which means faith in your own capacities as a means in attaining the well- adjusted life (1/3/94 Christian News ).

In an interview with Modern Maturity magazine (Dec-Jan 1975-76), Peale was asked if people are inherently good or bad. He replied:

"They are inherently good--the bad reactions aren't basic. Every human being is a child of God and has more good in him than evil--but circumstances and associates can step up the bad and reduce the good. I've got great faith in the essential fairness and decency--you may say goodness--of the human being" (cf. Psa. 51:5; Isa. 64:6; Eph. 2:1-10; 4:18; Jn. 6:44; Rom. 3:10-19; 8:6-8; 1 Cor. 2:14; 2 Cor. 4:4).

Peale wrote: "Just as there exist scientific techniques for the release of atomic energy, so are there scientific procedures for the release of spiritual energy ... God is energy." This, of course, is pure occultism--the worship of creation (natural forces) instead of the Creator. (When a witchdoctor slits a rooster's throat, sprinkles the blood in a certain pattern and mumbles a formula, the spirits must do their part. Occultism operates by the laws of cause and effect.)

Peale also endorsed the use of occultic automatic writing: "It little matters if these writings come from Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus of Jane [referring to Jane Palzere, co-author with Anna Brown of The Jesus Letters --the book was supposedly communicated to Palzere in 1978 and 1979 through "inspirational writing," through a "communicating entity" identifying itself as Jesus], they are all the same consciousness and that consciousness is God. I am a part of God, and Jane and Anna are part of that same God." [The Jesus Letters was also endorsed by psycho-occultist Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. Lines from the book such as "You are not your brother's keeper; you are your brother," and "God does not see evil; He sees only souls at different levels of awareness," are two examples of the true demonic source of the "inspiration."]

Peale said, "through prayer you ... make use of the great factor within yourself, the deep subconscious mind ... [which Jesus called] the kingdom of God within you ... Positive thinking is just another term for faith." His thesis is obviously false: many atheists are positive thinkers, but Jesus said faith must be in God (Mk 11:22).

Peale also wrote, "Your unconscious mind ... [has a] power that turns wishes into realities when the wishes are strong enough."

Click Here to read Peale's views on Freemasonary. Peale served as Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of New York, Imperial Grand Chaplain of the Shrine, and was inducted into the Scottish Rite Hall of Honor in 1991. His oil portrait hangs in the House of the Washington D.C. Temple. He got his "power of positive thinking" ideas from the Unity healing cult.

Bible for Today quoted Billy Graham, as saying in a speech at a National Council of Churches luncheon on 12 June 1966, "I don't know anyone who has done more for the kingdom of God than Norman and Ruth Peale, or have meant any more in my life from the encouragement they have given me" (Hayes Minnick, BFT Report #565, p. 28). Graham even once allowed Peale to give the benediction at one of his New York City rallies, and then sent the names of some 400 new "converts" to Peale's Marble Collegiate Church.

A "successful" protègè of Norman Vincent Peale is Robert Schuller. On Schuller's 1000th Anniversary television show [The Hour of Power, aired on 4/2/89], Schuller's son said of Peale that he was "responsible for dad's possibility thinking." Schuller teaches that there is no need to recognize ones own personal sin, and no need for repentance, and no need for the crucifixion of self. Schuller teaches that the self is to be exalted, - this is an outright denial of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.. (See Self-Esteem: The New Reformation, wherein Schuller says, "Jesus knew His worth; His success fed His self-esteem. He suffered the cross to sanctify His self-esteem and He bore the cross to sanctify your self-esteem. The cross will sanctify the ego trip" [cf. Matthew 16:24]

Billy Graham says, "Robert Schuller is a great man of God, whose shoes I am not worthy to stoop and loose" (cf. John the Baptist's statement when speaking of Jesus in John 1:27). Billy Graham made an appearance on Schuller's 1000th anniversary program (aired 4 Feb, 1989), and said that he had encouraged Schuller back in 1969, to start his "Hour of Power" television show, saying to Schuller, "Bob, why don't you think of telecasting your services."

Change Two - World Council Of Churches

In August 1948, at a luncheon at the Conservative Baptist Association's Convention in Milwaukee, Billy Graham was asked, "Billy what do you expect the World Council of Churches (WCC) to do this August when they visit Copenhagen?" He replied, "I believe they are going to nominate the Antichrist" Then in 1966, Billy Graham said that he attended the WCC assembly in New Delhi in 1961. He attended the 4th assembly in Uppsala, Sweden in 1968, and he has attended all but two of the WCC's General Assemblies since.

On May 10, 1952, Billy Graham wrote to Dr. John R. Rice, "Contrary to any rumours that are constantly floating about, we have never had a modernist on our Executive Committee and we have never been sponsored by the Council of Churches in any city except Shreveport and Greensboro ... both small towns where the majority of ministers are evangelical." Yet as early as 1964 Billy Graham's Columbus, Ohio, crusade was sponsored by the modernistic Columbus area Council of Churches. A policy that continues today.

At a press conference in 1974, at his Lausanne Conference on Evangelism, Billy Graham was asked about his relationship with the WCC, he replied, "As far as I know, we have nothing but the warmest relationships with the World Council of Churches."

Billy Graham did not appear at the WCC Sixth Assembly in 1983 because of prior engagements. He sent the following telegram in 1983 to Dr. J. Philip Potter, General Secretary of the World Council of Churches, "Dear Philip: Your gracious and generous invitation to speak twice in Vancouver was deeply appreciated. Thank you for seeing my representatives, Dr. Smyth and Dr. Haraszti. They impressed me with the importance of the opportunities which you offered me and also conveyed your personal greetings. I have tried to juggle my schedule but it is just too heavy at this late date for me to make the drastic changes that would be necessary for me to be in Vancouver. This will be only the second general assembly of the WCC that I have had to miss. I will certainly miss seeing you and many other old friends and fellowshipping with those from all over the world..." (Foundation, Vol. IV, Issue IV, Los Osos, Calif.: Fundamental Evangelistic Association, 1983). Philip Potter is an apostate Christian leader. He does not believe that those in non-Christian religions are lost, and he advocates violent communist movements.

The World Council of Churches was formed largely by those church leaders who had rejected the Word of God, the Son of God and the Gospel of God. From the beginning to the present, it has been a major force in opposing biblical evangelism and missions. The WCC is fostering the cause of socialism, communism and world revolution. The gospel they preach is a false gospel. Billy Graham knows this and he will one day have to answer to God for helping the WCC to maintain its deceitful mask of Christianity.

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