Billy Graham And Freemasonry

Is Billy Graham a covert, high-level 33 Degree Mason?

Fritz Springmeier of Portland, Oregon has written a tract, "Billy Graham and the Bible.", in which he gives evidence of Billy Graham being a 33rd degree Mason who has taken secret oaths in blood. Springmeier states, "Billy Graham took part in the initiation rites of Rev. Jim Shaw as a 33rd degree Mason. This was before Shaw left the Masons in obedience to Christ" (9/14/92 Christian News).

Jim Shaw is one of the highest ranking Freemasons to ever defect to Christianity. On page 104 of his book, 'The Deadly Deception' (Lafayette, LA: Huntington House, Inc. 1998), co-authored with Tom McKenney, Jim refers to Billy Graham taking part in his 33rd Degree Masonic initiation rite. This was before Shaw left the Lodge in obedience to Christ. Only 33rd Degree Masons and candidates participate in that initiation.

The Publishers, Huntington House, refused to print this book unless Billy Graham's name was took out and substituted with a general description, on page 104, "internationally prominant evangelist" was inserted in its place. Before his death, Jim Shaw confirmed to many people, that it was indeed Billy Graham's name that was replaced. If you would like to Order The Deadly Deception: Freemasonry Exposed from Click Here
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One of the few things that Graham's ministry has admitted to is that Graham attended a 33rd degree initiation rite back in 1966. Billy Graham's defenders claim that this is how he became alerted to the dangers of Freemasonry. But Masons do not invite the curious to its secret 33rd degree initiation ceremonies.

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"There were some extremely prominent men there that day, including a Scandinavian King, two former presidents of the United States, an internationally prominent evangelist, two other internationally prominent clergymen, and a very high official of the federal government, the one who actually presented me with the certificate of the 33rd Degree." (Deadly Deception, pp.104-105)

Tom McKenney confirms that in the manuscript the names of those men that were removed (on p.104) before publication were: King of Denmark; Truman; Eisenhower; Billy Graham; Norman Vincent Peale; Daniel Polling; and J. Edgar Hoover. (Click Here<< to view a tribute to J. Edgar Hoover from the Scottish Rite Journal, proving the occultic Freemasonry foundations of the FBI).

Tom also confirms that Jim Shaw said that Billy Graham was a 33rd Degree Mason, and is known to have attended two Scottish Rite Maundy Thursday black communions.

Billy Grahams publically Endorses the Masonic Youth Group - the Order of DeMolay

Billy Graham has also publically helped to promote the Masonic youth group known as the DeMolays.

In the Masonic book, The Clergy and the Craft, published in 1970 by Freemason, Rev. Forrest D. Haggard, Graham praises the Masonic DeMolay group, saying:

"...there are thoughtful, concerned young people - who seek to correct the errors in moral navigation that have been made by their elders, intelligently and responsibly. These are the young people upon which the hope of America's future rests and DeMolays are part of this group - May God richly bless all DeMolays as they continue their good work." (The Clergy and the Craft, Rev. Forrest D.Haggard, p.127)

The book states that the people quoted within it are Masons themselves.


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